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Paranormal Phenomena/Things fall and appearing on their own


QUESTION: Since I have lived on this farm, empty beer cans appear occasionally on a trail I drive everyday. My husband said they are the type of beer his late father drank. This has not happened in 3 years now.

Last October, I went to Missouri. I got into it with my mother. She stood by her male friend when he said you will get your money when you unload my freezer. Mom was moving into a old folks home. I packed the freezer in the Uhaul to keep the apt. manager from getting.Mom was being evicted. Mom divorced my dad and moved but didn't take me. Boyfriend was more important. To make long story short mom always too sides with her boyfriends. The guy in Missouri was #3 that she chose him and what he had to say over me. I left crying and talking to my late father. I told him she did it again. I drove 2 miles to my dad's grave and told him the story. I told him I didn't think i would be back to see his grave again.
Fast forward to now, I have been cleaning the house looking for misplaced things. 3 weeks ago, my deer grut appeared on my bookshelf within 48 hours of me checking every inch of it. 11 days ago, 3 camouflaged ball caps and a metal coffee cup fell off of the top of the china cabinet. the hats have UK logo(Kentucky basketball team), American flag brownish color, and Ford on them.
About 10 days ago, the Endeavour racing boat ship model in a box fell off the closet shelf and landed on my exercise machine. It was sitting as if it was displayed on a store shelf. Last Tuesday night, 5 tall rifle gun cases are in the corner of my bedroom lined up like books on a book shelf. The middle one just up and fell forward to the floor. I have no animals in the house. Yesterday, a fresh farm egg appeared on the floor board of my Polaris Ranger. It wasn't there when I checked the tire pressure on all the tires, but when I started it up to take the feed to my big hogs that are in a barn the cold egg was on the floorboard. Who could it and be? and what are they trying to tell me?

ANSWER: Hello, "L",

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your concerns. It sounds as if you've been having a go at things. In order to give you my best I will have to ask you a few questions and address a few of the things that you mention. I will also assume that you meant 'deer grunt' instead of "grut".

1- The trail that you mention regarding the beer cans, is this on private property? Even so, is it used by others than yourself? What time of year did the incidents occur?

2- Do you live near a wooded area and is that area is used for hunting?

3- Did the items that you mention such as the caps, model ship, gun cases, etc. belong to your father or have any significance to him?

4- Did your father have an interest in hunting?

5- Hating to stereotype, but I have to ask, do 'Good ol' boys' frequent the area where you live? Forgive my ignorance; in return please feel free to assume that I'm replying from an igloo;)

6- Have you recently noticed things that can be directly associated with your father such as smells, cologne for example?

  I have an idea of what may be happening. Some of it is based on coincidence and some of it looks like poltergeist activity. This is nothing to fear, poltergeists have a bad rap in general. Any ghost making itself know is being "noisy", be that noise audible, visual, tactile, causing apports and/or asports moving things, etc. It is the polterer-qeists [spelling correct]that cause all of the havoc. The activity seems harmless and may actually be the work of a spirit, one who has gone into the light and is there for harmless and could not hurt you in any way. I will be able to make a better profile when I receive your additional information.

  I look forward to hearing back from you. In the mean time, relax as best you can. Stress will only add to your issues and feed the entity if one is present.

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1) It is private property with trees on each side of the road.
2) We have 27 acres and over 1/2 is wooded.
3) Nothing belonged to either of ours fathers. My husband's dad was a Marine and went to war in Korea.
4) My father never lived in Kentucky but he did hunt. My husband's dad hunted this land. He would come out here and spend the night.
5) No hunting is allowed on our property but my husband and I. The property is fenced off.
6) My dad didn't wear any. I don't know about my husband's dad.


Thank you both for your patience in waiting for my response and for the answers to the questions that I needed answered. The reason for my tardiness is that I changed all of the Eidolon Projects computers to Windows 10, need I say more! I am finally able to sit at a keyboard again as for the last week I've had a pain in the butt installing the "upgrade" and a week of kicking myself in the butt for having done so.

Your responses have helped me formulate a better understanding of your situation. Things that I would have deemed human in nature now take on a different persona. That is not to say that I can rule out all of the events as paranormal as not all avenues of normal causes have been dismissed. This can be followed up by you. As is often the case, in a haunting things that fall into the "Stuff happens" category gets characterized as paranormal events. The ghost becomes the scapegoat for every oddity that occurs as the mindset tends to lump the activity together. So although some things may have a paranormal - poltergeist to be exact - nature others still need confirmation that they are not in the "Stuff happens" category, and will need to remain there unless another natural causes have been eliminated. Once found "not normal", one can begin to explore the paranormal side of them.

The things that may have a normal cause are the items that fell off of the china cabinet. Although unlikely that a critter could make its way up there, you do live in a rural area. Look around base boards, cabinet tops and cabinet interiors as well as the china cabinet for rodent droppings. If the top of that cabinet has not been dusted for awhile, look for paw prints. Whereas quite a few experts will immediately jump to the conclusion that everything that you mentioned are paranormal in nature, I need to eliminate all other possible causes first. What good does it do you if I give you false or misleading information? My purpose is to help you, not add to your problems.

Another thing to watch out for is the human factor. Your's would not be the first time that it was discovered that all of the activity was caused by the "haunted". Not on purpose mind you, but usually as the result of something as simple as sleepwalking or getting out of bed while still half asleep. I won't get into the technical and medical terms here. One questioner was confident that she had a ghost moving things about, turning on lights and leaving doors open. I had her set up a motion activated camera in her bed room. She later wrote back that it was indeed her getting up and wandering about that was causing the "haunting". You likely already have the equipment to set up such a camera. If you wish more information on how, please write to me directly at
as I do not like sharing this information over an open public accessible site. The set up is easy and the program is free! Even if this does not capture a human cause, it may capture a non-human cause. It's a win win situation. Incidentally, stress can be a huge factor with causing certain sleep disorders and girl, it sounds as if you've had a lion's share of stress.

Stress can also be a factor in what I have coined as SRPK [Stress Induced Psychokinesis], as an alternate term was needed to explain events similar to, but not falling into the exact definition suggested for RSPK [Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis]. If a person has enough stress building up, and if they possess of some of psychic ability, dormant or active, that pressure can lead to a burst of poltergeistesque [poltergeist-like] activity caused by the human involved his/her self [usually a female is responsible]. The event still occurs spontaneously, with the victim unaware that they are the cause of the effect. This may be a factor to consider.

Now I will get to what I consider to be the root of the problem, that being that you have attracted a ghost and that its activity buts it up into the poltergeist range of haunting. The beer can situation, given the circumstances of the property that you describe, is uncanny [I'm not sure if a pun was intended or not, it just happened]. At first glance it seems as if your father is indeed trying to tell you that he is there for you by giving you hints that were part of his persona and something that you'd recognize when brought to your attention.

The gun boxes lined up is the one thing that consider paranormal [provided an aforementioned human cause was not responsible]. The model ship box standing upright is another indication of paranormal activity [providing that it wasn't on the verge of falling in the first place and potential gravitational energy didn't become kinetic gravitational energy, in other words, it fell. Landing upright, albeit weird and coincidental, is a possibility to consider, falling into the, "Hey, look at that!" - Stuff happens category". The same holds true for the ball caps and coffee cup.If no rational cause can be found [as a rodent], then irrational ones take over and those actions may then have an unworldly explanation.

The farm egg, again if no human factor or possessed voodoo chicken was involved, again is something common to entity poltergeist activity. Entity poltergeist activity can and usually involves elements of the following, apports [objects appearing out of no where as the beer cans], asports [objects disappearing], the movement of objects [usually in a chaotic manner but sometimes neat and orderly].

Let me inform you that despite Hollywood stereotyping, the majority of poltergeists are not demonic or evil. As the term suggests, some are just more attention seeking than a run-a-day ghost. It is the bullying, chaotic and rampageous entity that one need to be more concerned with [correctly known as polterergeists - spelling correct]. From what I see, my spectral profile of your ghost does not lead me to the conclusion that a poltererqeist is responsible for what is occurring, unless things heat up dramatically. NB: Realize that even having mentioned that may have a psychological effect of you believing that things are getting worse. Beware of that and do not overestimate the degree of the haunting or underestimate the power of suggestion. Keep it real.

In my opinion, my profile is that your father is lovingly letting you know that he is watching over you, likely as an evolved spirit [as opposed to a ghost], but a ghost may have followed you home from the cemetery and has taken up residence with you. Your father, as well as your spirit guide and gate-keeper [astral body guards] should be invoked to protect you. Bear in mind that ghosts feed off of available energy and that human bio-energy tastes the sweetest and has the most calories, so to speak. What I am saying, all kidding aside, is that the more that an entity can make you react to its activity, the more bio-energy you produce and the more it can feed, a real catch 22 situation - psychic perpetual motion.

What you need is a cleansing of the negative energy and  removal of harmful entities. Again, if you write to me directly I can give you a material list and instructions on how to perform this non-religious secular ceremony. Again, I do not give this information out over an open web site. BEWARE, at this point do not use religious ceremony, relics or icons to attempt to bless the house. It is documented that this only makes thing worst unless you hit on the chance that the entity is the same faith as the ceremony dictates. After the house has been cleansed and allowed to settle for a time, then one can do whatever they deem fit religious-wise.

If you write to me personally, please indicate who you are such as telling me that you are "L" from All Experts. I'll peace it together from there. I look forward to hearing from you personally. Incidentally writing to me privately through All Experts won't work due to the limitations of characters that an expert is allowed to key in.

Best regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
EPC - Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigations
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta Canada

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