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QUESTION: Hi. I am Devi from India. I keep seeing a very bright white light outside two seperate windows in my room. It got me curious. There is no way someone would flash a white light outside from both windows, one to the left side of my bed and the other facing the bed. (Excuse my English.) And the light doesnt stay that long, it appears for a few seconds before it disappears and this goes on for a while. Sometimes it covers the whole window and sometimes just a smaller part and it is glowing, almost silver colour. I did open the window one time but I couldn't find anything. The same night while staring outside, I saw a tall figure, pitch black, moving slowly outside one of the windows before disappearing. I have seen dark shadows a few times before inside my home while fully awake. Nobody will sleep in my room cuz of similiar experiences they have had while in the room; so I am not hallucinating. I would like to know if the light and the figures are somehow related. If what I saw was real, could it be a spirit, ghost or demon? Its not my imagination, I am sure of that; but ofcourse, everything could have a natural explanation. I was just wondering...
Thanks for your time. Hoping to hear your take on this.

ANSWER: This is a very intriguing question dear Devi. I'm sorry that this is something you have had to endure and from your explanation, others as well.  I am of mixed opinion on the white light. The shadow is a demon or someone astral projecting to you. If you live in India though I'm going to say demon.

Now the light. That is where I'm hung a bit. It very well COULD be an angel or angels coming to your aid while you are yet unaware of their need. My other is that it COULD ALSO be a PORTAL whereby these things travel by.

I need to get some insights to this. I have a dear friend that can assist me in discerning this. In the mean time I'd like to treat it as hostile. Assuming you are an adult, get some salt and hold it to the heavens. Say "Father God, I consecrate this salt for Your purpose. I ask you to burn out all impurities with Holy fire and let it be an offense to Your enemies. And I ask that You make it a defense that the enemy cannot penetrate. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen"

Then I want you to go scatter it outside your winows wherever you've seen the lights and shadows.

Also, before you go to bed at night I want you to take a Bible if you have one and say "In the Name of Jesus, I cut EVERY silver cord of witchcraft. I cut all ungodly soul ties, and I cut all lay lines. From the north, south, east and west." Go around to each corner of the bedroom in a slashing motion as you pray this. As well do it at the Windows and outside where you see these lights and shadows. Don't worry. You won't offend the angels. Lol

Meanwhile, with your permission, I will consult with my friend to get a clearer answer and clearer instructions.

Thank you and God Bless!

I will update my answer when I receive confirmation from her.

Any more specific information on the shadow man you saw? Was he wearing anything that stood out?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks alot for your suggestions. I would definitely like to get more information on this. I must add that a few days prior to this incident, I saw a golden wing in my peripheral vision which disappeared a moment after I looked directly at it. I am not sure if it means something. I have seen golden orbs too at times.

The shadow I saw after the white light had passed looked like the figure of a person with hair standing on top of the head. It didn't seem like horns, much like a weird hair cut. It had a male energy to it. It was wandering and I felt like it could hurt me had it seen me. Sudden chills and odours that reminded me of a deceased family member are among the other phenomena I have experienced recently. But the house is relatively new and no deaths have taken place here. Before this started happening, I heard a similiar account from my father about him seeing a white light and feeling like it passed right through him as he felt cold chills. I don't know if its all connected.

ANSWER: Hi Devi,

Please forgive the delay as my friend has absolutely been SWAMPED with appointment plus a job plus painting.

She concurs with my initial hunch. The light is a portal. And the WINDOW is being used as an entry point. Do you have access to anointing oil by chance?



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh no thats alright. I can't obtain annointed oil. But Praying has helped in some ways. I haven't seen the light in the past two three days, plus I am now sure it was not coming from the neighbourhood. Cuz there are lights coming from nearby houses but they all cast a different kind of reflection and appear very dull and muted. This light was definitely brighter and silvery and had a closer origin, it was coming from a source right behind the two windows. It was beautiful but don't want to mess with it I guess. Should I be worried? Are animals more sensitive to such such phenomena? And also, can shelves/cupboards also become portals? Really Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions at once.. I am just curious and a bit annoyed too. One night something even tugged on my foot. I dismissed a lot of things finding possible natural causes but somethings really catch the attention. I can definitely wait for your response but I would love to get to know more on this topic. Thanks. :)

It sounds as if your home may be in need of a spiritual cleaning. The tug at your foot is concerning. AS for if shelves and cabinets can be portals, I have never HEARD that it could, but, if anything I would think more along the lines of cabinets as cabinets have doors. And that could be symbolic of a spiritual door, but I don't have any evidence for that.

I can understand in India that it's hard to get anointing oil. LOL While the people of India are very loving and some of the kindest most hospitable people on Earth in my opinion, it's not very Christian friendly from the stories I've heard from converts from Hinduism to Christianity. So that leads me to believe it overall is not very "Christian friendly". HOWEVER, do you have any EVOO over there available to you? Extra virgin olive oil? Or really any olive oil I suppose. If you do, or can get it, then you can have anointing oil. What makes it anointing oil is the prayer attached. It's just that the olive is very symbolic of Israel and Christ, so it's thought to be more potent. But I think that is mainly preference. If you don't have any oil at all, just get you a glass of water. Pray over it. Ask God to make it Holy. Just hold it up to Him or open your Bible and lay the glass over it's pages and say "I consecrate this water to You Lord. Infuse it with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit stir up this water. Burn up all spiritual impurities attached to the water and make it Holy. And for use in your service. In Christ Jesus' Name, Amen."

And then use it to mark the sign of the cross on the windows, door knobs, the head and foot of the bed, any cabinets you want, MIRRORS, and anything else you want to pray over. Even the main doors to the home. When you go to bed, ask the Angels of the Lord to stand guard over you as you sleep. When I think about it, I will draw a Blood line of Jesus' Blood around the bed. Demons can't cross the Blood of Jesus. This is the reason for this. You don't have to take your finger and draw a line around your bed. Simply DECLARE it. Your words carry POWER and AUTHORITY. What you declare in the PHYSICAL manifests in the SPIRITUAL realm.

Dogs are DEFINITELY more keen to the spirit realm. They see spirits and energies we can't. Demons have no physical bodies but they are spirits. Meaning the are energy or a form of energy. Dogs can see them, babies can see them for whatever reason. Maybe little ones range of the spectrum differs from when they get older. See, we only see a PORTION of the light spectrum. In fact, comparably, it's a very small area right in the middle. We can't see beyond it. Dogs don't have that limitation. Cats I'm not sure about. If they SEE IT, they are indifferent to it. Seemingly. They may get agitated but dogs, they'll actively LOOK at what they are seeing. If they are afraid or if they bristle and snarl at something that is not there, you know they are seeing something that they deem to be a threat.

Continue the prayers too. Follow up as much as you want. :)  

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