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Hi.  I recently asked you about a spirit who is hitting me in the face at night.  I have been praying a Catholic prayer of protection each night aloud before I go to bed.  Also I am buying sage to burn.  If there is anything else that you think I could do that does not carry any risk, let. me know.  Why do these spirits want to hurt people if they don't know them? I guess it is hard for me to understand the point.  You had emailed me but I accidentally erased the email.  Also, it, or maybe a different spirit, touched me innappropriately two nights ago. I think I picked it up at a psychic reading I went to.  I don't think I will do that ever again.
Thanks, Lisa

   The first response involved a male poltergeist. I offered to heal and help it cross over to the Other Side if you wanted to be rid of it.
   This second spirit feels like a dark demonic creature called an incubus that may have been inadvertently and accidentally been picked up from the room where the psychic reading occurred. These dark creatures can cause nightmares and emotional distress. If you want it to  be permanently sent away, that can be accomplished.  
   You may get other entities in your lifetime; knowing how to read a room or person for darkness or entities and clearing them is a skill to learn. I teach community college courses and workshops on learning how to become self-sufficient in these spiritual skills.
   Asking for spiritual protection is a good option although it has to be completed very often. Sage tends to irritate some energies/entities but will not keep them away permanently in my experience. Learning how to send irritating spiritual problems to another place for an eternity has worked well for me..
Let me know your preferences,
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No one is an absolute expert on everything. I work as a spiritual cleaner to solve problems. I work directly with adults, although parents are welcome to send questions about their children. Many paranormal authorities have theories about possible paranormal resolution; actual practice and application is priceless to comprehend and complete paranormal issues.


Rapid recognition of paranormal problems are my specialty, having had many experiences with ghosts, demons, dark entities, dark angels, dark archangels, astral life-forms, aliens, and hauntings. Recognition of psychic gifts, help for psychic children, especially the crystal and indigo children are important to help them blossom. I have researched hundreds of paranormal situations and assisted private clients in freeing their home of energetic spiritual phenomena. Extreme hauntings or nonhuman presences are of special interest. Much of this work is accomplished using distance remote viewing with many skills to identify spiritual energies/entities. Through my website, your spiritual guidance in coordination with mine, will assist in the recognition/resolution of unwanted spirits, poltergeists, or demons, as well as correct geopathogenic lines, negative vortices, adverse energies, curses, or portals so the client can return home and continue their life free of fear or oppression. Most of my spiritual work as a medium is through the coordination with a client's spiritual guidance and the spiritual guidance that works with me, who help me understand possible solutions. There are many things that go bump in the night, some are easily explained away, others need more intuitive research and meditation. After thousands of human crossovers and hundreds of demonic exorcisms, expertise has been gleaned to tease apart challenging situations. Guidance helped me create a ten level dichotomy chart of dark and light energies to help discern what is being encountered. This has been quite helpful when finding what seemed to be minor cases masquerading as human, that were really demonic.

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