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Hi, I have a problem that no one can understand, I am seeing a female spirit, she has long blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, slim about 6ft 9 and is about 22 years old, she has appeared before me many times laying down on my bed near me, on my roof, ceiling and all around my bedroom, she has also been in my dreams and visions, I can hear a female voice at night saying "you can feel me I can take you there." Its been very constant for now several years I have tried so many places trying to get help. I think she is an earthbound spirit, I think she's trying to tell me something I have tried everything and nothing can really answer me. She somehow knows my name she sometimes is crying what should I do ? who is it ?

Hi Marion,

I am so sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Please forgive my slowness as I've been on the road a bit.

It is very important that you understand you are not dealing with a dead female. This is a guise to deceive you. Yous are dealing with a dark entity that is portraying itself as a deceased human. This entity has been with you for six years (at least in the infestation stage where it is with you and your life). Shadow forms are the true nature of what is with you. It will play many roles to confuse you and engage your time and energies trying to analyze it and engage with it. It doesn't want you to know that it is really demonic in nature.

The good thing is, it is possible to get rid of it. I do not know your religious beliefs but it is crucial that you start prayer and a more faith-filled attitude to get the Divine help you need for more protection and confidence in your own ability to rout it out of your life. Its takes Light to dispel darkness so you must use faith to fight this thing. You have to get God involved.

I am suggesting that you read the following books so you under stand the type of spiritual warfare you are involved in. I hope they help. Knowledge is power. In the meantime you must stop worrying about the guise of a ghost being with you and meet this entity head on through prayers of dispatching it and keeping yourself strong and not buying into fear. Fear is this thing's biggest weapon so you must control your emotions. It has limited tricks and when exposed for what it is, it knows you are no longer being controlled. You have choices now - stand and be a warrior or live under this thing's thumb. These books will help you do that.

1. Protecting your home from spiritual darkness - Chuck Pierce

2. When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerson

3. Spiritual Warfare for Women - Leighann McCoy

In lieu of this, find someone who is professional and successful at removing negative entities. Let me know when you read any of the books and what questions you may have.

You may contact me privately at is you need to.


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