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I have had my dog ghost for more then two years. I have seen my dog that pasted away 16 years ago one time so I know it is her.  Gyniss. was never in this house.  I can feel her jump on the bed , sniff me, lay next to my back, when I turn around she gets up and moves to the other side.  I feel like she is my guardianing Angel.
My question How come I can feel her next to me or when she jumps on the bed but can not physically see her?
Thank you so much.

Hi Janice,

I'm so sorry to take so long getting back with you as I have been in and out of ministry for a bit now. Sincere apologies. I must offer you however a MORE SINCERE apology as the answer to the question I'm afraid you won't like. I've inquired of those who are gifted in the area of the prophetic. There is a consensus that that isn't your dog miss Janice. :( I'm sorry. Let us assume he IS your dog though. She needs to be with Jesus. As much as she loved you and as much as she may long for your company, it's much better in Heaven for her. And in the event it isn't your dog that you are experiencing, you are telling whatever it is to go to Jesus too. Ask the angels to escort the dog or whatever it might be, to the feet of Jesus. I've been struggling over this question as it's not a pleasant one to answer. I know you loved Gyniss. You still do. And Gyniss, wherever she is still loves you. But I don't want you to continue to let it stay as I TRULY feel in my spirit that it is a familiar and not your baby. A familiar is a mimicker. It would know everything there is to know. Down to the nuances. Motions, weight, feel, pant, everything. You would have no clue that you were not experiencing Gyniss' presence. It would be impossible outside of spiritual discernment. And you don't want a copy. It's neither genuine nor is it benevolent. My sense is that it is trying to, and may have already done so; use the love for your pet to open a communication channel with realms that are not of God to gain legal rights to your life.

Have you experienced ANYTHING that could be considered severely negative over the last 2 years? A tragedy? A financial collapse? A spiritual falling away? Loss of life near to you? Etc?

Again, I'm so sorry to answer in this kind. However I have a responsibility to those who ask of me to give them answers that I, to the best of my knowledge are forthright and honest. As well as I have an automatic concern from those who contact me. I am SOOOO sorry if I have upset you. It certainly is not my intention. I never want to hurt anybody. But I'd rather tell you the truth as I know it or perceive it, than to lie to you to give you a good feeling but allow something to stay there that I believe isn't intent on your good.

God bless you and I'll do my best to see you through this.  

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