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Hi. I had an experience of feeling like being slowly pulled out of my body while falling asleep. I felt like parts of me like my legs were actually inches outside my physical body. I was awake though drowsy and it felt like it was easier to just let go and float out of my body. It was weird cuz i felt like there was some external force pulling me up (i was lying on my stomach) but i didn't feel panicky and with some effort i was trying to stay within my body. I haven't had such an experience before, I would love to know if  I was being pulled up by some entity or if its just a normal thing that happens when we sleep. Like do people float out of their bodies while sleeping? Hoping to hear your take on this.

Dear Dee,

Thank you for your message.

When we sleep we do float upwards just above the body. Sounds like you were conscious of this happening. If you felt a gentle pulling it is likely that you experienced the natural separation of the body during sleep.

If there are entities involved it is different. Some will try to forcefully pull you out and it may not be as pleasant and peaceful. You may feel being touched or your limbs pulled quite forceably. It all depends on what is around.

If you are starting to experience these phenomena then I would recommend clearing and cleansing techniques where you sleep. This should protect you against negative entities.

Your spirit guides may also help you. When I was young I would be gently pulled out of body under my arms and slowly rotated to see what the astral planes looked like. You can ask them before sleep.

Hope this helps. If you experience any more and wish to share feel free to do so.

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