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Hello David,

I have a question that should be interesting for you to explain from your pespective. One month ago (as of this weekend) my aunt passed away from ovarian cancer. It was a tough battle. I believe she is trying to reach out and communicate with me. Earlier this week I had a dream about her-She was on the couch. She was decked all out in purple for the Ravens. Her hair was long, she didn't look tired. She was smiling ear to ear. I asked her if I could hug her and she laughed and said 'of course sweetie-you can hug me as long as you want. It doesn't hurt anymore.' And after that I remember hugging her for a very long time.

I woke up and immediately thought she was trying to reach out to me. Just now (about half an hour ago) my phone accepted a call that I did nof give it permission to-it was a short call and there was a lot of static. I heard someone breathing and I then heard my aunt distinctly say 'Grace' and then the call ended. Grace is one of her two children. How might this have happened?

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Well Katie, just to let you know, you are not alone with phone weirdness. I have a friend in Florida who bought a new phone. She came home, set it down on her kitchen counter, and finished unloading her groceries. When she finished, she went over to get her phone and noticed she had a voice message. No one knew her new number. She hadn't even put a message on her voice mail yet, and it still had the generic greeting. When she played the message back, it stumped her. It was heavy with static with a lot of seemingly random beeps fading in and out. To make a long story short, the beeps were Morse code. The message was from an airplane going down in the Bermuda Triangle back in 1949: January 17, Avro Tudor G-AGRE Star Ariel lost with seven crew and 13 passengers, enroute from Kindley Field, Bermuda, to Kingston Airport, Jamaica. The radio operator clearly said they were in trouble and going down. All on her cell phone. Many people thought it was a hoax, but few people today know Morse Code, and none of her friends have a clue what it is. As to how it happened? Unknown. The Cell phone was operating at UHF (Ultra High Frequency)900 MHz frequency band. The original transmission was over an AM transmitter at a much lower frequency (VHF or Very High Frequency)118 to 137 MHz. PLUS, the radio signal for cell phones is encoded, and must hit a cell tower before your phone receives it. The phone company checked, and it had no record of the call or the message being received. Explanation? Unknown.
You can try checking with your phone service provider to see if there is any source for the call. Other than that, I would say your feelings are most likely correct, and the call was from beyond the grave. I hope this helps.

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