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I'll give you a brief overview about my story. My eight-year old son told me one day that he saw during the day time a child in my room dressed as a construction worker. I did not believe him. I thought he was just imagining or joking. A next time, he told me  he heard a voice of a cowboy coming  from my under bed, but I still don't believe him.

After this, one day  I was sleeping  on the couch in the living room, I was surprised to see a person coming out of my room where my wife, my eight year old son and my two month old baby were sleeping, and he was heading toward the hallway. I only saw his profile and his back, I could not see his face. At first glance I thought it was my wife who is getting out of the room to go to the kitchen, but the height of that person was much greater than that of my wife to think that it was my wife. I did not want to tell anything to my wife because I was not sure if I really saw that person or it was just a dream.

Recently, my baby was admitted to the hospital after a serious heart problem. My wife told me that my dreams frighten her and they really do come true. I told her  a dream about my baby before he fell sick. I saw in this dream that my baby was frozen and remained frozen like a statue.

That day I decided to tell my wife  the dream that I dreamed about the person I've seen getting out of my room. When she heard that dream, my wife fell in tears and she was terrified because she also lived the same thing as me, she already saw a profile of man standing next to the bed when we were sleeping  and she confirmed that she opened her eyes and she really saw the person and then the person  disappeared.

This story is about to terrify us and really scare. We don't know if what we saw  is real or  just an illusion.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena, with your concerns, which incidentally would have been cleared up by now had you replied to the personal correspondence that was established when you wrote to me at the Eidolon Project. In my reply I asked if you would like to set up a meeting so that we could have an informal, casual chat in a public place, as that is our policy and practice. You made no reply and so you are still left hanging. Incidentally, 1- the answer that I give here will not be different than the one that I gave you previously and 2- writing to me at All Experts does not put any pressure on me to answer at all as I am an independent expert and could have easily refused this question without consequence as technically, it has been answered.

  You seem to be seeking a "Paranormal" solution to a situation that is based on the normal. What you describe consists of coincidences, normal  psycho-physiological events and not realizing that they are what they are. What they are not is "paranormal", and if there is anything about the situation that seems paranormal in essence it may fall under the category of psi phenomena which if exists is not paranormal, but rather just an untapped resource that has atrophied over the ages.

  First let's deal with the coincidence of the dream of a sick child and having your child fall ill. Dreaming of loved ones is common, dreaming of them in other than healthy conditions is also common. And everyone alive who has had children knows that dreamed or not, kids get sick, hence all of the preventive shots while they are so young. You had a dream where a child was sick and your child became ill. This my friend is Freudian coincidence and not Jungian synchronicity.  You are a parent who worries and is concerned with the welfare and well being of a defenseless loved one. It is easy to blame yourself for not "caring enough" to have prevented the illness. A psychological defense mechanism is set up to defer the blame, that being that the illness could have been prevented if you had heeded the "warning signs" of the dream. The paranormal was, is and always will be a convenient scapegoat. You must realize that children get sick. Hospitals dedicated to the sole care of sick children, such as Stollery Children's Hospital in our own city, were not built because of paranormal possibilities and psychic dreams, but rather because children get sick. I won't even go into the reasons that there are headstones, small and with lambs laying atop, in cemeteries, but again, the main real reason is because "that's life!" Your story is sad, and you have my deepest heartfelt sympathies that your child turned ill. I had children, they too took ill at times, one seriously. The emotions than ran through me during these times are indescribable. People like you and your wife know them. Nothing, and I mean nothing affects me more than a sick child, which is the reason that I wanted you to become a priority case in the event that something paranormal was at large, or to explain why not, but your reply to a meeting is yet to come, and sans permission, the ball does not get rolling.

  So while on the subject of children, it is quite common for children to have imaginary friends, or in the case of a health problem, have visual and auditory hallucinations while still appearing quite normal and healthy. Whether you believe him or not, you should believe that the occurrences are real to him. You see, this is something that a one hour meeting at Tim Horton's would have been more thoroughly discussed.  That said, his imaginary friends may be the ghosts of children. Again, no meeting....

  Now I'll segue into the visions of both you and your wife. I have certain key phrases that I look for when someone write to me, and some of those words and phrases include, "...just waking up", "I was sleeping...", "I was laying in bed..." "As I was falling to sleep..." etc.  Those are my indication that something paranormal is NOT afoot. When I see those terms I have to give the questioner the response that best fits the scenario, that being a normal fairly common psycho-physiological condition that is 1- widely unheard of 2- widely misunderstood. I am speaking of Hypnopompic [upon waking] and Hypnagogic [upon falling asleep] hallucinations [I'll refer to them as HHh] Again, these are normal occurrences and in absolutely now way indicate that those who have them are mentally unstable... we all have them, we just don't remember them, much like dreams, mainly due to the fact that they are "almost" dreams. I have written about this an uncountable amount of times in my All Experts replies - that is how common and misunderstood this condition is.  

  To be brief, when one is in the brainwave frequencies between being relaxed and falling asleep or waking up [Delta stage - non-REM] especially when awakening, the brain may start to become alert while the mind is technically still in dream mode. At this point HHh may occur, especially if one is under stress, overtired, anxious, has had past sleep issues such as narcolepsy or temporal lobe lability among other factors. These hallucinations found in the transitional period between unconsciousness and consciousness can be extremely real and livid. The hallucinations can be visual, auditory, tactile and occasionally olfactory or gustatory. To stress it, again, these hallucinations seem very real!

  The most common are visual and auditory, such as hearing one's name spoken. In the visual category the most common "visions" are human shapes, usually with indistinct features; in other words, a shadow like apparition. Other visual occurrences include seeing a face, seeing balls, pin points or flashes of light [this is also a physiological cause that happens normally]. When the shadow like form is seen, it is usually at the foot of the bed or across the room. HHh are more present when one is asleep on their backs.

  Just because you and your wife may have had similar HHh does not mean that you saw the same "entity", you both merely both saw a common HHh, not the same HHh. And this is where one might start to think that all of these coincidences can be linked within the areas of the paranormal. This is not new and is in fact something that I have dealt with many times. One unfortunate result of thinking this way is that the more that common coincidences are linked together one can create a mental state where they start to blame every little thing on something other than what it is and a haunting or even a possession is created. It is rather akin to self hypnosis or programming.

  HOWEVER, the above scientific explanation may be disregarded if there is a psychical, spiritual event happening. The shadows that you saw were not guardians or angels giving a warning. There appearance is not that of a higher being. Therefore the shadow person may have been a ghost just looking in [not all ghosts are bad]. But I highly doubt this. I'm sticking to the HHh hypothesis for now on the visions.

  But the dream may have been spiritually invoked. It may have been sent from an evolved spirit as a warning. It is not uncommon that even in people who have had no psychic experiences in the past to get a warning if there is danger around the corner. My problem with the dream theory of spirit intervention is that the dream or vision is often presented in a way that the meaning is obscure and undefined. Why warn somebody of impending danger yet make it a puzzle that takes time [some times so much that it is too late to do anything about it] to figure out the meaning? Why not just come right out and say it in simple understandable terms? Why the mystery? It is for this reason that I classify such events as not paranormal, but rather as dreams that occurred and somewhere down the road appear to be precognitive.

  Now if you need an answer more geared towards the paranormal, then you will have to ask one of the other experts. Most will shamelessly tell you that this is all caused by unknown forces, and give you their one trick pony reply. OR you could reply that you want a meeting and we can discuss this in detail. But if you are satisfied with my response you can end your search here.

Best regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies
Eidolon Project Canada,
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta Canada  

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