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I'm a christian  and I have a  lot of stuff hapening in my life. I don't know where to start so I will start with the first think that happend to me ( last year at summer). I never heard about anything like that, until it started happening to me and after that I started researching about it, becouse I wanted to know what's happening to me. Also please excuse my english.

So I was in the bed. I was trying to fell asleep but I opened my eyes for some reason and saw a bright light. It was about 1m long and very bright. It was somethink between white and blue. I don't know where it was coming from, becouse my mobile phone was off and the door was shut. And window was covered. I wasn't scared at all. I switched on a light (it was right next to me) and almost immediately switched it off. Light wasn't there anymore but there was somethink like little red spots (not bright) and  the air around it seemed warped and moving around that area. This is when I got scared. It was strange feeling. When I saw the light I wasn't scared at all, but the second thing really scared me. So I switched on and off the light again and there was nothink.

For two months nothing happed. But one day it happed again. With the same procces, except when the light dissapeared, there was nothink else. I told that to my two friends and one of them two months later saw it too. With the same procces that I had my second time. Two months later it happed to my another friend except when she turned on the light it didn't dissapear. She said it was there for like five minutes and then it dissapeared. But she wasn't scared at all. And again it couldn't be from the window or the door.  And I don't know why it was two months later.

That would't be so bad.  But After the second light appeared, weird things started to happen. I heard two voices in my school. One said in to the completely silent room "wheeeee"(there were my classmates, but they weren't talking) and I started laughing, becouse it was kind of funny. But when I asked who did it,becouse it was very high and kid like voice, noone didn't know what I was talking about. Funny is that my "second" friend who is in another class heard a kid laughter at the exact same hour. Second voice about maybe three months later said my name. Like someone was calling for me. It was a mens voice, but again noone didn't call me.
I also  saw "moving air" or "shimmering" again. It was outside the window in the school and outside the window in some building. I checked if it wasn't just dirt but when I moved my head it was at the exact same spot. And it was in the middle of the air.

And there is when things are about to get crazy. I walked at night in the street (there wasn't anybody) and I had a really weird feeling like someone was watching me behid and I got scared. When I was around 5 metres away from that spot, somethink inside me just told me to look behind me so I did it. There was a tall dark figure with somethink like white mask on the face. I was really terrified I felt like it was going to kill me or something, so I ran for my life all the way home . I had a really weird feeling for a week, everytime I was there. I saw that two days after I saw a death black cat on that weird place where the dark figure was standing. Its eyes were green. And they weren't where normal eyes should be. They were lying next to the cats head. It was disgusting. But "again" I had a feeling like what happed to the cat is now going to happen to me. I started walking really fast and I had a feeling like somethink was behind me and I saw dark shadows  from the corner of my eye. I am really happy that I am not scared of this place anymore.

But really terrifying things are happening at my home. I danced in the living room and  I felt like someone was watching me whole time. It was  coming from the dining room. Every time I danced I felt like someone is watching me from there. Even my friends told me that they are feeling like somethink is there. Once I was in my room and I looked to my door. Under the door is a small gap so I can see the light from the hall. I saw a shadow behind the door, so I thought that my mum came for some food. But when I opened noone was there. Then I went to ask my parents, if they weren't upstairs and they said "Why would we?". Then I was supposed to sleep. My parents slept downstairs so I was alone in my room. I don't know what happed, but from that day I was so scared that I could't sleep without my light on, becouse I was frightend and felt like someone is watching me. And the other day I heard like something was moving in the hall. Like someone is pushing somethink. I thought to my self "Well...maybe I'm just imagining things", but after that I heard like someone scratched the door very slowly, it was like claws ( I tryed to do that sound too, but it was nothing like it). I was terrified at that moment so I went downstairs to my sisters room (it was like 2 am). I slept there without any problem. But five days after I started hearing ticking noise. It was like some clock was ticking and it was quiet. It was the same sound and the same speed, but sometimes it was very loud, sometimes like a normall clock, sometimes quiet and sometimes I didn't hear it at all. My first thought was " What is it countingdown?". I heard it at night (with light on) and even in the morning. It was like that for a week and then my sister arrived. I asked her if she has some clock in her room and she said that she can't stand ticking noise so she hasn't got any clock. Not event in the hall. So I told that to my friends, but we will get to that later. Well I didn't hear it for like week, but then I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. My eyes just instantly opened. When I looked at my mobile phone it was 3:06 am. And I heard that ticking. But it was loud like never before. Every time I heard it I was scared but for that time I was terrified.  I invited my friends to my home if they can hear it too, becouse last time we didn't hear anything. But this time it was different. All three of us heard it. And we could tell that it was changing places. Sometimes it  was coming from the closet and sometimes from the area around the table. That same day when we were leaving  my " first" friend looked up. She saw like a shadow ran upstairs. My "second" friend saw her expression  and looked up too. She saw the same thing. When we left the house they told it to me and I could tell that I was scared even thought I didn't see anything ( becouse I didn't look up). Two days after I was lying in my sisters bed and browsing a web site when ticking started. It was quiet then normal then quiet and then it stayed normall. I was thinking " Hmpf..I can stand ticking" and in that moment a huge shadow appeared. I could see it from the corner of my eye and when I looked at it, it stayed still for a second and then  moved to the opposite corner of the room very quickly and  dissapeared. Now I was really scared I got that uneasy feeling and I was scared to move, but I thought " okay..this is really bad, but it can't be worse", but then I heard a really loud stomping upstairs in the bedroom. I was about to cry.

My "secod" friend told me that she heard a ticking noise too, but at first it was coming from the table and it was more like tapping and then it slowly transformed to ticking and it was coming from the closet. And her first thought was also " What is it countingdown?" which is crazy, becouse I didn't tell her that.

So that's basically it.I didn't tell everything, but only what I think is more important. I must say it's really terrifying sometimes. I have a very bad  feeling when I'm upstairs but right now, I get that feeling more when I'm downstairs. What is it? I am pretty sure that for example the light isn't the same "thing" as shadows.. Oh and we live in a house that my parents built, so noone lived here before. And I must say when I was 8 or 9 years old I saw very bright white "balls" of light flying in the air around me. They were there for like 5 minutes and then dissapeared. But maybe it was from reading a book. I was reading a book in my room and I suddenly looked up. I told this to my parents and they told me that it was from that, so I don't really know. And all the things (except, when I woke up at 3:06 am) happend when I was trying to fell asleep or in the daylight, so it wasn't from my dream. And also I did not play with things like Ouija board, tarot cards or anything like that.

Hello "A" (I do not use names),

  Thank you for writing to me from such a distant location. This is the first letter that I have received from your area of Europe. Your letter is intriguing and I hope that I can provide you with some insight to your concerns.

  As you know I had asked you some additional questions so that I could give you a more in depth reply. Unfortunately I have yet to receive answers to those questions so I am going to go ahead and reply to your inquiry from its original content.

  When one feels that they are subject to paranormal or supernatural activity they may begin to associate events that happen with their current situation when they would not have done so prior to their situation. This is what I call 'Ghost Fever", and by that I mean that psychologically you begin to snowball a small or even non-extent event into a large one. If you are not familiar with the term "snowballing" it means that if you placed a small handmade snowball at the top of a mountain and let it roll down, it would collect more and more snow until the final result would be a snowball several meters in diameter. So using that as an illustration, some people will take a single event that may seem paranormal, and when something else happens, even if it has a logical explanation, may be added to the first incident. Soon every little thing that happens (as in every single snowflake on the snowballs path) become associated with the others and you end up with something huge - composed mostly of coincidences. Now keeping the above in mind, the laughing that was heard, by you and your friend may have been exactly that - the laughing of a small girl. She may have been out of sight, but within hearing distance. Depending on the location and environment, a high pitched sound may travel very far. So I am going to say with certainty that that incident was a coincidence and a normal occurrence that you have added to your psychological "snowball". I am afraid that we Let that one go. This includes both the laughter and the "wheee" sounds heard from the child regardless of who heard them. All thought hey may have forgotten, I am sure that others heard the sounds too, but not being in the same mental state of mind that you were just rationalized them for what they were - the sound of a child in the vicinity at play. I feel that your friends may have a "suggestible" personalities.

  I will now address the time that you were falling asleep and witnessed the light that you describe as bluish-white. As there is a normal scientific explanation for this phenomena, and that it is a fairly common occurrence that was first recorded in 1819. What you were most likely experiencing was an entoptic episode called prosphenes. In short, when one is in darkness, or if one is in a dimly lighted area without any visual stimulation. Occasionally long distance drivers get the phenomena while tired by aware. Incidentally these lights can have a blue hue. The top cause of this type of visual event is waking up! Other, but not all, caused include insulin hypoglycemia, epilepsy or migraine headaches, to name a few. Sleeping close to an electrical magnetic source such as a clock radio, modem, or near an power box can effect the brain, especially the temporal lobes if one is sensitive to electromagnetic fields. However, to be specific to your situation, if you were exposed to a bright light such as a television, computer/lap top/tablet/cell phone screen prior to falling asleep the chances of prosphenes is increased as photostimulation is a cause, more so now a days due to technology. As for the spots, they were most likely due to getting up quickly. By the way, a "warped" view is also symptomatic of an entoptic episode. Your second episode is just a variation of the first as no two episodes are exactly alike. As for your friends... will I told you it was a common effect. As a matter of fact, if you want to see lights floating through your vision while in the dark and with your eyes closed, just lay down on your back for awhile, and then using the heals of your hands apply light pressure to the eye - voila, a light show. Do not get me wrong, this can also be indicative of psychic abilities. However I am going to definitely state that the wavy light that you saw was due to heat conversion, which has the ability to distort light - as light is heat, heat is light, it's all energy being observed in a different state.  

  Black cats are associated with bad luck. Did you know that in many places such as England the opposite is true, a black cat is good luck and a white cat is bad luck? Regardless, having a strange feeling in your stomach, a "gut feeling" is actually a normal physiological reaction to something that might be dangerous - the key word being "might". It is called intuition. Everyone has it but most people choose to ignore it, and a lot get into trouble as a result. Now if we consider your mind set at the time of the first encounter, that being that you are weaving a paranormal cloak out of the yarn of coincidence, the chances are above average that you had a visual hallucination. It is a normal occurrence. Add the coincidence of seeing a dead cat on that same spot days later then added fuel to your fears. However, due to your intuition, running was a good idea (intuition can start the hormonal fight or flight reactions into stand-by mode). For your information, a "gut Feeling" is due to the fact that we had a very primitive "brain" or highly developed nerve center near out stomachs. Because our caveman ancestor's brains were not so keen, a second nerve center was needed for survival of the development of homosapiens.  Even our head holds two brains, a primitive one developed for survival and a "newer one" that developed as we as a species became highly advanced. My best advice, if the walkway gives you bad feelings, then danger might be present. Not in the form of a paranormal entity, but as a living being. Best to avoid the place when possible. Although in my work I have studied this in depth, here is a link to a short lesson about the enteric nervous system:

  Before I move on, please look for a possible solution to the ticking noise such as pipes expanding or heating up as they can and often do cause a regular ticking type of noise that seems to come from nowhere. Incidentally that nowhere is behind the walls where pipes run. It may also be the water pump sending water to an upper level if someone is using a sink or shower. That water has to get up there somehow. As a rational explanation is possible, then it has to be discounted as "paranormal" until proven otherwise. At least that is how the empirical study of this field should handle such situations.

  However, all of the above is not to say that you are not being subject to paranormal activity. You may well have some paranormal activity happening in your home and around you. Or you may have some para-psychological activity happening around you. That is why I needed the additional information from you, so that I had a better understanding of who and what I may be dealing with. Without knowing your age I am assuming from the information in your letter that you are in your mid to latter teens. As would be your friends. You are obviously female. Despite the fact that there is an off chance that this is RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis) I'm more likely to believe that you may have some psychic abilities. As such, ghosts may be attracted to you. They would also be attracted to you because of your youth as your body, psychology (brain) and psyche are undergoing changes. This bio-energy is nectar to a ghost as it is a readily available source of energy. This may explain some of the events that are occurring in your home as the feeling of a presence, shadows, unexplained sounds  that are heard. Frankly, if it were not for the witnesses, I might dismiss the whole matter as a psychological or environmental problem. But I have to dismiss that as others besides yourself have witnessed what you have at the same time. That is out of the bounds of coincidence. Another fact that makes me think that you may have some undeveloped psychic abilities is that you had seen things as a child.  

  Basically what you need to do is to learn how to protect yourself. I am sorry to state that religion alone, regardless of what that religion is, is usually not effective nor defensive to all entities. If you keep your beliefs internal, and do not press them  upon the entities then your faith, if kept personal, is fine. At no time force or direct your faith toward the entity, however subtly done, as severe problems can arise. It is better to surround yourself with the Archangels Micheal, Gabriel, Ariel and Uriel. You will also want to surround your self with your guardians, your spirit guide and your gatekeeper (your astral bodyguard). You will also want to do a spiritual cleansing of the home, or at least the places where the activity seems most prominent. I can send you instructions on how to do this. My way is effective as it speaks with the ghosts themselves and is secular in content. Write me at if you need more information on this simple, yet effective ceremony. After the cleansing ceremony and the home is free of any presence, then a more formal religious blessing can be done PROVIDED that it used to bless the home and it's occupants and objects and is NOT used to "exorcise" or get rid of a ghost!

  In closing I would like to say that a lot of what you have mentioned can be explained as I see it (remember that I have only your letter to go by, I am not there to interview you or investigate the situation). However there are some elements that I would look into deeper if I were there, things that hint at being paranormal in nature. That said, I hope that this has helped with your understanding of your situation. If you have any more concerns or questions, please contact me. I'm here to help.

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada,
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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