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Paranormal Phenomena/Depression & the Supernatural: A Couple of Quick Questions


Hi, and thank you so much in advance.

I know that I have abilities, though I'm not sure to what degree, because when I was an early teen or so I read that if I basically turned that part of myself "off," that I wouldn't experience all of this terrifying stuff anymore; and with the exception of one or two haunted apartments, it's worked to dull and help ignore the supernatural world.

I've also suffered from depression since adolescence--in fact, I've spent the last two years classified as "disabled" from it. There are easily understood physical and situational reasons for this latest episode, but it has raised a couple of questions.

1. Could my willful ignorance/suppression of my sensitivity to the paranormal be causing or contributing to my depression or its severity, and how? If so, what can I do about it?

2. Are there supernatural beings I should be aware of or protect myself against that latch onto the negativity of depression and/or the depressed, and what should I do? Both my partner and I also became very nearly drug addicted during this period, as well, which is unlike us. And despite being together for six years now, we suffer from a lack of intimacy, distance, loneliness, aggravation, thoughts of breaking up for good, etc. The concurrence of all of these things seems suspicious to me, though they could be dismissed as simply consequences of my illness.

3. Since this has followed me since childhood basically, how might I tell if I'm sensitive, or simply *personally* haunted? All of these things, especially the depression, seem not to be related to my environment--in fact, my partner and I moved during this last, long, "disabling" bout with depression. If so, is there anything I can do?

4. Besides some of the more well-known methods (crystals, salt, sage, etc.), what are some ways to repel negativity and try to stimulate more positive energy in our home?

Sorry if it seems I've bombarded you with a barrage of questions, but many of these have been weighing on me for years, especially lately.

Thank you again!!

Hello Justin,

Thanks for your patience with my response.

I will give you an honest answer that is appropriate for a public post. I think that your problem since a child is due to to a lineal spiritual attachment. This is a dark entity that follows a certain branch of a family tree, often moves down successive generations and will continue to do so. Usually the person chosen in the next generation is a sensitive and in some way vulnerable to attacks emotionally, mentally and physically.

In your case, I believe this entity stems from your mother's side of the family. Often the acquirement of a family demonic problem is due to occult invitation (knowingly and unknowingly)or the targeting of a family by someone else into occult activities.

You cannot will this away or shut down your abilities to remove it. You personally are not responsible for your problem. You are a victim of circumstance by blood. Demons work to destroy your relationships, life achievements, destroy your health and create chaos around you. Detaching you from God is also a goal of dark spirits.

Without God you are virtually helpless from attack. Faith and prayer is crucial to your survival because it fortifies you, energetically hurts demonic presences and gives you a Divine safety net from attacks (stopping them, shortening the duration or preventing assaults all together) by angelic intervention. I don't want you to think that religious dogma is involved here. This is about Christian beliefs that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is real and has to do with your personal one-on-one relationship with God. You can start this relationship at any time no matter who you are. It takes a Supernatural force (Heavenly power) to remove a demonic paranormal entity (grounded in our physical realm).

Another thing to be aware of is the "ghost" guise being used by demons to deceive you. I have been doing demonic removals for 15 years and learned the hard way that ghost suits are demons entering your life using lost people scenarios so you more readily accept them, engage with them, run around trying to help them and ultimately changing to their true demonic form as black shadows. You are playing with a chameleon/shapeshifter and find that out too late. By then you are infested or in a serious state of Oppression.

To understand all this, I recommend the following books:

Protecting your home from spiritual darkness - Chuck Pierce

When Pigs Move in - Don Dickerman (Spiritual Warfare)

School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt (Using your gifts for God)


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