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Paranormal Phenomena/Depression & the Supernatural: A Few Quick Questions


Hi, and thank you so much in advance.

I know that I have abilities, though I'm not sure to what degree, because when I was an early teen or so I read that if I basically turned that part of myself "off," that I wouldn't experience all of this terrifying stuff anymore; and of course, growing up so devoutly Southern Baptist, I couldn't talk to anyone without their thinking I was either into the dark arts, or possessed or something. With the exception of one or two haunted apartments, the spiritual equivalent of putting my fingers in my ears has worked to dull and help me ignore the supernatural world.

I've also suffered from depression since adolescence--in fact, I've spent the last two years classified as "disabled" from it. There are easily understood physical and situational reasons for this latest episode, but there are a couple of questions weighing on me.

1. Could my willful ignorance/suppression of my sensitivity to the paranormal be causing or contributing to my depression or its severity, and how? If so, what can I do about it?

2. Are there supernatural beings I should be aware of or protect myself against that latch onto the negativity of depression and/or the depressed, and what should I do? Both my partner and I had also became very nearly drug addicted during this period, as well, which is unlike us. And despite being together for six years now, we suffer from a lack of intimacy, distance, loneliness, aggravation, lashing out, thoughts of breaking up for good, etc. The concurrence of all of these things seems suspicious to me, though they could be dismissed as simply consequences of my illness.

3. Since the paranormal has followed me since childhood, how might I tell if I'm "a sensitive," or *personally* haunted? None of these things, especially the depression, seem to be related to my environment--in fact, my partner and I moved during this last, long, "disabling" bout with depression. If I am the cause or being personally affected, what can I do?

4. Besides some of the more well-known methods (blessings, crystals, salt, sage, etc.), what are some ways to repel negativity and try to stimulate more positive energy in our home?

Sorry if it seems I've bombarded you with a barrage of questions, but many of these have been weighing on me for years, and especially lately.

Thank you again!!

Hi Justin,

First it is primary that we mail down that your gifts are indeed gifts from God or if they are what is called false gifts. I'd recommend a Skype session with me as I can tell you most always that depression is an evil spirit that oppresses. That needs to be gotten rid of. I would begin by having you do a curse breaking manual as a spiritual diagnostic. What I would like to have you do is to recite the packet I will show you how to get to, through THREE TIMES. A curse is how a evil spirit gets in, a legal right is what allows him to stay. We want to short circuit any hidden legal rights that might be in play. And we do it three times because sometimes the devil has a STRONGHOLD. Think of a concrete bunker from old war films the machine gunner would be nestled into with only the slot exposed that allows movement of the gun from side to side.

Well the bad guys use old hurts and emotional wounds to fortify themselves into our psyche or our subconscious. And most times you'd never know it's there. But to get it to the surface to be dealt with, we need to lob a few holy hand grenades at the concrete bunker to break it up. These curse breakers are those holy hand grenades and they will expose the enemy if he is indeed there.

What I want you to do is search on Google for "Dwjd Curse breaking manual " and it will come up. Several. Just pick one of them. Do it with purpose too. Don't just read it like a recital, make them a command.

You may experience one or more of the following:

Rapid pulse
Shallow breathing
Shortness of breath
Inability to focus
Inability to SPEAK particular words
Outbursts of emotion such as crying, laughing, anger, etc.

And more....

I'd like you to note beside the problem areas. Underline them, highlight them, or keep notes in the margins of any areas you had a physical or emotional reaction. This will tell me what we are dealing with.

Shoot me an email at and we'll make a plan.



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