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I have been keeping a dream journal for about two months now in hopes of eventually being able
To lucid dream/astral project in order to seek spiritual teachers/guides. Am I correct in thinking that I should
Master dream recall before moving on to LD/AP ? I remember 1 dream each night, but I am having trouble
Gaining more clarity/details from my dreams. Some nights I do not remember any dreams. Do you have any tips on
Astral Projection or Increasing dream recall ?

Thanks in advance :)


Thank you for your message.

Dream recall is certainly one way of moving towards what you seek. If you want a faster way to get to lucid dreaming and astral projection there are a couple of ways but the first is quite intense so you need to be very grounded.

--Intense method
Set your alarm clock for every hour on a wrist watch or phone. Each time the alarm rings check your surroundings, check if you are in a dream. Can you fly (from the ground only), can you read anything? Are you in a dream, anything unusual. Remember, you will be checking your reality every hour for days, even weeks until eventually you will check it inside a dream. Then things get very interesting. Once you have had a few out of body experiences and lucid dreams I suggest you stop this method. The astral states and dreams will be easier to obtain.

--Less Intense method;
Before you sleep ask a question that you would like to know. The more specific the better. For instance, one time I asked "what is it I do when I sleep and go out of body every night?" During the night I received the answer as I found myself out of body in an apartment high up in a tall sky scraper.

You could also have the intention and ask " I would like to have an out of body experience tonight". You should get some success.

If you try these let me known how things progress.



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