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Bruce Darwill wrote at 2016-07-06 22:21:13
Do you base your comments on actual experience or by reading the knowledge of others. In other words have you experience any of the phenomena that you give answers to? Have you had lucid dreams, out of body experiences, multiple etherical exits of the astral body, able to recall all your dreams, been struck by entities, ghosts, demons, been partially possessed, seen objects explode, caught succubi in the act, fought multiple ghosts?, performed exorcims, spirit release therapy, removed demons from people, houses, spoken with angels? And by the way - Astral travel is certainly not rare - having the consciousness to recall pehaps may be.

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Anything relating to paranormal phenomena, hauntings, possession, astral projection, out of body experiences. These are all phenomena I have experienced and lived. Nothing is from books or academic speculation or the perception of other people.


Over thirty years experience with many types of paranormal phenomena.

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