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Hand prints on bedsheets
Hand prints on bedshee  

Hand print
Hand print  
I recently moved into a house with some roommates. I moved in in February, slept in my room I want to say about 3 nights and after began staying the night at my boyfriends house. The only times I would be home was mornings, when I would get ready for work and sometimes after work to pick up clothes. My boyfriend and I broke up, around the second week of April and began staying the night in my room, for basically the fourth time since I had moved in. The first night I went back home, ready to stay the night there, my room was a mess, I had clothes all over my bed, being that, all I ever did was come home and change in the mornings and sometimes after work. I cleaned my room that night, cleaned and made my bed and got ready for bed and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up around 6am..jumped in the shower, finished, and began getting ready for work. As I was blow drying my hair, I had my head tilted towards my bed and noticed hand prints at the foot end of my bed sheets. The hand prints were pointing opposite directions. I was shocked. I am super skeptical when it comes to "paranormal" or unexplained stuff, I usually just brush things off because I don't want to believe it could be something "paranormal". I tried thinking of an explanation, but I couldn't. I thought maybe I had wiped my hands off, but I know I hadn't, I measured my hands with the hand prints and my hands were much smaller. I know I would have noticed these hand prints the night before when I cleaned my bed, but I didn't, so these hand prints had to be done while I was asleep. Again this was the first time I spent the night after almost over a month and a half. I have been staying at my home for about 2 weeks, last night, when I went to bed, I layed down, with the lights off and began falling asleep, I want to say, about 15 minutes into my sleep, I was still kind of awake, I heard something fall, I have carpet so it just sounded like a thump, I was too tired to get up and like I've mentioned, I try not to make too much out of things like that. The next morning when I woke up to get ready for bed, I realized what had fallen was a hanger I had hung up on a hook above my closet. There is no way the could have fallen down on its own, the hook was still in the wall, very secure and it is a big hook, so the hanger was very secure on there. The only way it could have fallen off is if someone pushed it off with some force. I remember the night before, I was sitting on bed just staring at the hanger, for some odd reason it just caught my attention, I remember simply concentrating on it, I don't know why, nothing that made me wonder...until this morning when I realized it had fallen while I was going to bed. I've heard doors opening while I'm in the restroom, and I'm the only one home, but I always try to brush things like this off. When I was younger I used to suffer from sleep paralysis...but it just suddenly went away. I wonder can there be an explanation to this or am I just overthinking things??


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your questions. I am not certain that the activity occurring in your home can be added up to be paranormal. The reason being is that there is reasonable doubt due to the fact that other people are present and have possible access to your room. Even if you have a separate lock to your room there is no way of knowing how many people have access to a copy of the key. If there is a prankster amongst the group then the problem is pretty much solved. With the exception of the hanger, all else could have been caused by a human agent, after all, you came home to find your room in disarray, and you were in the privacy of the shower when the hand marks mysteriously showed up. In terms of the paranormal, if there is a reasonable possible alternative cause for any phenomena then that has to take precedence over any apparent paranormal explanation.  

  The handprints look "oily" or as if there was a cream or other substance on the hands and that it may have been smudged thus causing the outcome to look larger from the source. The prints are hand like, but not hand prints. A hand cream covered hand moved about smearing the cream would widen and lengthen the mark. So anyone with a smaller than the print hand could have in effect caused the marks. In the back of your mind you must have seen the "hand" as a symbol of the paranormal, taken from the sign used by palm readers. This hand is seen at the beginning of The X-Files for example. So such an association would be a reasonable reaction to the paranormal coming to mind.

  I am at a bit of a loss to explain the hanger incident as normal. I will relate that once I had a large picture fall off of a large well angled nail while I was teaching a class. It could have been due to a ghost bur because I have no idea as to how well the picture cord was situated I have to chalk it up to vibrations causing the fall [and the $70 bill to fix the frame]. In this case I believe that their might be a bit of SIPK [Stress Induced Psychokinesis] at work here. This is similar to RSPK, but the age difference and frequency are different. With the recent break-up, the change of residence added to the grind and stresses of regular day by day life you may have had a "psychic hiccup". You stated that you were focused on the hanger prior to the event. When you entered the lower brainwave frequencies associated with sleep on set and a  more psychic stage, the conditions may have been ripe for you to have caused the movement of the hanger. One would consider this poltergeist-like activity, where from the outside it looks paranormal where it is in actuality a psychic reaction to built up stress. This may only happen once or twice in a lifetime, for some more often and for most, not ever.

  The only other explanation that comes to mind is that you where actually asleep and had an episode of sleepwalking. Approached and dropped the hanger, went back to bed and then "heard" the hanger fall, thus awakening you. I know that this sounds strange but sleepwalking can be caused by stress and odd things can happen during an episode of sleepwalking. For example a man once traveled 14 miles by car driving to the home of his wife's mother and father, murdered them, and drove home. It was medically proven that he was asleep at the time and acquitted of all charges! Stress can cause sleep disorders, usually they go away as the stress abates.

  I hope that this has helped. I would highly suggest that you start monitoring your room. I can help you with that by suggesting an opensource software program. I do not give out its name over an open forum such as this so please write to me directly at
I had a questioner with a similar issue awhile ago. She downloaded and ran the program and voila - issue solved.

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies
Eidolon Project Canada
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta

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