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my daughter and i were the only two people in the car going down the highway at the time the two selfies were taken. My daughter took them with D SLR nikon D 40 please explain the second photo. we only have on 5 experts have looked at it and have no explanation as yet

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Eidolon Project Canada Photo Analysis
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Hello M,   

  Thank you for writing to me with this issue. First I would like to state that in the paranormal field, not having an explanation for something is in itself an explanation. If everything were explainable, there would be nothing beyond understanding, there would be no mysteries and hence nothing could be considered supernatural, preternatural or paranormal. In other words, in a materialistic viewpoint things are either 'this OR that', whereas in a world that allows the possibility that there are things 'paranormal', things that we do not understand then things can be 'this NOR that' and in that event, when things fall into the latter category, then there is room for the unknown, the explainable, the paranormal.

  Having 5 different "experts" tell you that they can find no reasonable explanation indicates to me that are in effect stating that there is the possibility that you have captured the image of a ghost in the backseat of the car. This phenomena is not unknown to happen, although the majority of the stories are of urban legend. However, since you first wrote to me there has been private correspondence between us, and through that additional information I am going to have to change my opinion. Also, I don't rest until I feel in all confidence that I have done a thorough job. Your extra information therefore caused me to go through the photos using different software.  

  Initially I stated that analysis indicated that these are not the original photos as both have been cropped or resized. That alone makes thing suspicious as I anyway, want all of the info, not a chunk of it. The EXIF indicates that the photos were indeed taken approximately 1/2 second apart with photo 1 taken at 10:51:04:70 and photo 2 taken at 10:51:05:10 both AM and Mountain Standard Time. However forensic analysis indicates that there were modifications made to photo one, but can not specify, another questions the EXIF information on photo 1, indicating that it may have been changed, easy to do. But the software actually told me very little.

  However there is nothing to indicate that the photos were retouched other than tagging and resizing. The lack of GPS information is lacking, and that would have helped in my first response, but you have recently indicated the year of the camera and that technology did not exist with that particular model.

  So today I went to my big computer and reanalyzed the photo in greater detail using hardcore analysis programs. This has left me with the idea that the photo of an apparition of a young predeceased boy in the backseat of the car may be actually what it is - explainable -  which incidentally is the way most experts in the paranormal and parapsychology fields say, "I do not want to risk my name and reputation by stating that the phenomena may be authentic." And I'm no different. I will not claim with 100% certainty that this is a rare and genuine photograph of a ghost. I wasn't there to observe the taking of the photograph and have only your word to go by. That is hearsay, and any respectable person or group in my field can not go by hearsay alone. I have contacted one of the other experts that you recently told me of,  the one whom I respect, and she agreed with me by stating, "Hi, I agree with you (me) that one can never definitely conclude that there is no possible normal explanation in situations like these."


  I still will go with what the EXIF programs indicate. One is a image analysis program used by the FBI, CSI and CIA, and it states that the photo is questionable. But that is likely due to the photo being cropped/resized as it indicates, and the tag being added to the original EXIF info. When these are done, the photograph becomes suspect by default. However I will restate that the software does not in anyway indicate that the photographitself had been altered. In other words, it has not been "photoshopped". or such.

  Based on your update to me in private correspondence, I ran the photos through my big boys. The results are most interesting. The first method that I used had a Wiki definition as such:
No matter how much I altered the threshold of the photo the only thing that showed zero results was the face of the boy (unless I went to either extreme of the spectrum where everything is either black or white)! What this indicates is that the boy is considered a separate entity by the program, almost as if it were not there. He is without color or "temperature". The software that I used is used for medical imaging so it is top of the line. This adds to the possibility that the photo may be authentic as a ghost photo.

  Now the second image that I am attaching is one that I find interesting on a personal level, as it is most likely the result of visual parediolia, the mind being set to make order out of chaos. In visual pareidolia the most common interpretation the brain makes is to arrange the chaos into faces. So it is no wonder that I see faces... that's my answer as a parapsychologist. BUT, using another  filter, same medical imaging software, in the photograph of the boy in the back seat, I found the following  - what appears to be the faces of two people, one appears to be a young boy with the same droop mouth sad expression as the visible boy. The other looks like the face of a man, holding the boy to him, holding his head to his cheek. Pareidolia, most likely, but the facial features are quite distinct, and given the info that you supplied, it fits the situation. For the readers, the location where this photograph was the site of a multi-vehicle collision. Obviously, as with any highway, I am certain that other collisions and fatalities have occurred on it.

  Ghosts such as the boy are prone to remain earthbound when the soul is literally ripped or thrown from the body in an accident. Chances are that he does not know that he has died. And chances are good that he will haunt this part of the highway forever. Others have, and will, sense him or have a glimpse of him in their cars as well. The chances that your daughter picked up the camera and decided on a selfie at that exact time are unfathomable. But it is often these 'off the cuff' photos that garner the greatest results. Had you not told her to put the camera down, and how it was set on burst, the photos that would have followed could have been of great benefit in adding (or dismissing) credibility.

  I did notice the digits reflected in the lens of the sunglasses. But the idea of a foot on the dash never came to mind, I assumed that somehow the reflection of your grip on the steering wheel was caught. And with that information, the purpose of the apparition may make some sense.

  The second reason that this boy, (and who ever is holding him) remain on that highway may be to warn others (purpose ghost). Here's how this falls into place for me. Last night I lay in bed thinking and wondering what was wrong with the photo. I pondered how one could possibly be comfortable with a foot on the dashboard while wear their seat belt. That's when the Ah Ha, bell went off. She wasn't wearing a seat belt. It was my mistake to make the assumption that she was, even though I studied the photo, that she wouldn't be wearing a seat belt was moot so I didn't add it to my thoughts about the analysis. You see, here in Alberta, Canada, it's the law - it is mandatory that one wears a seat belt or face a huge fine.

  It then occurred to me that the ghost may not be flashing a piece sign, as earlier thought, but rather POINTING to your daughter's seat belt harness. The warning may be that she should be wearing one when in a car. That is the Spectral Profiling part of my expertise speaking, to attempt to come up with the reasoning and psychology of the ghost in question. To warn may be the purpose, the unfinished business, of this ghost. To warn others how not to meet the same fate as others who have died because seat belt issues. It probably saddens him when he see that... thus the look on his face!!! (Personally, I have to agree, they do save lives).

  So "M", there is my expert opinion. As stated at the beginning of the reply, something explainable by experts in this field of study is in itself an explanation. It means that they can not find any normal, rational or "earthly" cause of the phenomena. In the paranormal field, not having a convenient answer speaks volumes!  When read between the lines, you have your answer. And now, so do I, one that I am satisfied with and can comfortably put this question, and myself, to bed. If I were you I would put a watermark on the photo to keep others from using it as their own.

  To end, I plan to do a tour of presentations about the work of the Eidolon Project Canada. In my photos section I will be showing a number of faked and misinterpreted images that have been sent to me over the years. With yours, I will have one that I can honestly say, I could not come up with a logical, reasonably or "normal" cause or explanation for this image.  I'm glad that this ended up being time well spent on my end. Thank you for the opportunity to be consulted on this.

With warmest regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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