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The last few months now there have been small pebbles or stones appearing at the entrance to my bathroom.( I have pics if you would like to see them. ) At first I thought nothing about it and vacuumed them up. After a few weeks I began to wonder where they were coming from so I checked the washroom door, jam,hinges etc. I checked the washroom floor to see if it had a lose tile or if there was a damaged tile where loose concrete may be breaking off. I check completely around the entrance in and out of the washroom. There is no where these small pebbles could be coming from and they only appear in the same spot at the washroom entrance.

I left them on the floor for a few weeks to see how many appear. When it got to be 7 I picked them up and placed them in a small glass. After that I checked several times a day and when they appear I tape them to a piece of paper and date it. Today I checked when I woke up and a few times after that. 10 minutes after my last check there was a pebble there. They are basically the same size though they vary in colour.

Any insight that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Also please feel free to email me if you require any more info or have any questions.

Thanks Kindly

  Finding pebbles in the house when no pebbles are expected is not an uncommon experience. My daughter finds them in her pockets or closet from time to time; especially clothing that has been laundered and not worn for  some time. Most are the size of a pea and light in color. We both dowse with a pendulum to work with the spiritual soup around us. The answer we get is that the pebbles are placed by the spiritual team working with her as a reminder that they are present in her life. One of the rocks was a golden color when she found it and now is green; that one she carries since it helps her feel closer to her spiritual team.
  Other spiritual clients have reported finding pebbles in the house where none were expected. They dowsed to discover their spiritual team was leaving reminders for them.
  If you are new to dowsing, a carnelian crystal on a lanyard would work well for you; aligning well with your aura. Thank you for showing an appreciation for the pebbles. If you want more information about the pebbles, please let me know.

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