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So about maybe, let's say 2 years ago I went downstairs from my room to get water. After I was finished I was walking back and I stopped for a minute in front of a mirror from which you can directly see the stairs. I started dancing when I saw an almost most cloud, worm-ish, shape that was darkly colored fly into my stairs. I paused and ran. The next maybe year I saw a black thick line that was  vertical  fly across my room. I was freaked out. Then to this day, I sometimes see a black being, 7 ft tall, no armed, thing with human  anatomy  from the chest down. He just stares and I leave him there just to hang out. He's in my other room in the corner. I like to call him Steve. So is he evil or just gonna be there? I'm fine with him there really he doesn't do anything

As with anything, a healthy dose of common sense is applicable here. If you feel no threat, then more than likely there isn't one. Your situation sounds like its more of an attachment to the location, for whatever reason, and the disembodied consciousness has unfinished business. Perhaps researching the history of the house will give you insight as to the nature of the haunt. Often, when the true nature is revealed, the situation often can be rectified, releasing the spirit from its bounds.

I hope this helps.

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