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Jake Swing wrote at 2012-12-04 02:54:56
Happened to me last night!!!

I went to bed after 50 push ups at 2:30.

After slumping in bed, tired as hell, I tranced out after 5 minutes.

I was flying in space going straight upward, I was becoming more aware of my freedom and flew towards earth and swooped back up free as a bird in space!!!

I felt something chasing me, now that I was free.

The colors were light blue everywhere in different shades as I shot back upward to fly away from what I thought was chasing me!! It was amazing!! I was passing by planets and stars going soooo fast!!! And then I knew i was in bed so I then felt reality pulling me back and up at e same time. Something was pulling me by my arm pulling me upward through DNA spirals going straight upwards!!

I then saw an outline of something moving me to a different bed. As if in a hospital.

I awoke with my left arm twitching and crapped and right arm having a static charge! My hand was literally making static pops under my covers.

I created a charge in my dreams which came back to reality with me once I awoke! I've never had this happen and I'm astounded and freaked out.

I smiled as I awoke.

I believe doing push ups made this dream arm friction happen....amazing,

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