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elevenofthem wrote at 2013-08-06 03:07:32
People are more interested in the paranormal these days... so I believe if you were to seek parapsychology as a career you will be able to earn a good living.  I am also considering it.  Not so much to study the paranormal, but more so to be able to help those on a psychological level to overcome the trauma that paranormal experiences can cause.  so possibly consider a degree in both

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jill stefko, phd


I can answer questions about poltergeists (type I and type II), apparitions, hauntings, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairaroma, clairgustus, clairsentience, remote viewing, empaths, communication with the dead, earthbound spirits, spirit possession, demonic possession, psychokinesis (PK), precognition, retrocognition, cryptozoology, vampires, werewolves, psychometry, near death out of body experiences and transpersonal psychology. I do not give readings. I deal in only the scientific aspects.


Over thirty years doing investigations, research, writing articles and testing people for ESP and PK. Have written many articles and was an expert about the paranormal on the former I am an editor for My topic is Paranormal Realm, which is listed in the society and culture community. Have extensive experience in treating experients of psychic AKA extraordinary human experience. Have given lectures and workshops, a been on radio call-in talk shows and interviewed as an expert by the media.

Foundation for the Investigation, Research and Education of Psychic Phenomena, President and founding member. Speaker's Bureau, Parapsychology Foundation.

Various Internet sites under pseudonyms.

PhD Counseling. Thesis theme, from a transpersonal psychology viewpoint, The Interrelationship Between the Psychic and the Psychological and How to Treat the Experients, and Argument for the Notraditional to Supplement the Traditional. Master Metaphysics: How Western European Shamanism Impacted Orthodox Religion. BS Psyhcology

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