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Mom T wrote at 2015-01-17 05:02:31
So my first grader just admitted, by my pressing, that for two weeks (and a third attempt where she was caught)she had been cheating on her spelling test. I know the helping "room mom's" were giving the test and my daughter came home with one or two words wrong, but they were spelled correctly (although I could see they had been erased and corrected). She was emphatic with me that she spelled them correctly but "for some reason" the mom marked her wrong. She looked me straight in the eye when she lied. The first week, I let it go but the second week I scanned the test to the teacher and explained that my precious daughter would never lie about this! WRONG!

What's the punishment? Well, on one hand, she did admit to lying. I wouldn't have known the truth because, technically, we didn't catch her in the act. So I'm torn between a "soft" punishment and a harsher consequence for duping me.

This was discovered during a play date so I let her finish her play date. Then I made her write two pages; one titled "Lying is bad because..." and the other one "I will make this right by...." Well, she cried and cried and was stumped at what to write. I talked to her about how I felt, I was mad but also hurt. And I scolded her as well because lying is a pet peeve of mine. But I helped her understand the error, which she really did know but couldn't articulate. In addition I took away her Kindle for 2 weeks. And finally I scheduled a meeting with her teacher so she could explain and apologize to the two of us.

I would have grounded her for the weekend instead but we had already arranged a sleepover for her with a friend and a date night for us and pre-purchased tickets to Knotts. So I figured since she was going to have a fun-filled weekend, I needed to make a strong point. Harsh? Perhaps. But this was not a little lie.

Still, I hope I'm making the right decisions...She's still my angel....  

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