Parenting K-6 Kids/6 year old body part talk


Anon wrote at 2012-11-05 00:43:43
Ok, so this is not uncommon. I don't know why everyone thinks it is. At about age 5, kids are introduced to the want to explore his/her own and others bodies. At about age 7, it slightly increases. At bouta age 9, they forget that want. At age 11, it becomes very important to them. At 12, they begin to feel that need to explore, and with puberty in sight, erecions, masturbation, and other self-pleasuring activities become everyday routines. At 13-14 (males especially) they begin to fantasize about sex, and try to have sex. A lot of teens lose their virginity by age 15-16, so don't feel like it won't happen.

Julie wrote at 2013-03-16 11:39:37
Please do not worry, all children get curious about sex in an innocent way as they grow uo. Our children(2 boys -3 girls ) used to see each other naked and sometimes the boys would get erections that the girls wouls see and we explained the basic facts of life which they took as normal. I know both the girls and boys masterbated (never togeather) but we all did when young so DO NOT give them a guilt complex about a perfectly normal behaviour.

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