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Parenting K-6 Kids/Bullying among 6-year old boys in a sexual manner


My 6-year old son has been the victim on 3 separate occasions of other little boys touching his penis on the outside of his clothes at school.  I am concerned as to how this may affect him and the best way to talk to him about.  My husband and I have spoken frankly to him that he needs to tell them to stop and tell the teacher and he has.  I don't think this is done in a sexual way, as I don't really think children this age understand sex, but there is a feel of power and/or "boys just being boys".  What do you think?  He is a very friendly, outgoing boy who seems to be confident with his friends. How could this affect him in later years?

Hi Jessica,
If the other boys are six years old too, I wouldn't worry about it. That's the age in which just saying the word "butt" elicits lots of laughter and curiosity about the body starts. That doesn't mean you don't talk about it, though. You should talk about good-touch, bad-touch and be firm that no one should touch him or visa versa. There are some kids books that go over this topic that can help.

Leslie Truex, MSW

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