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Parenting K-6 Kids/interview for my child development class


What are your feelings on child guidance and discipline?

How do you try to discipline your children (Give some examples: What would you do if your child did not come when called? What would you do if your child hit another child? What would you do if your child stole something?)?

What do you do when your REALLY frustrated with your child?

Hi Nicole,

It's very difficult to give a short answer to your questions, and there is no one single remedy for the best discipline for your child.

You need to have boundaries and you need to be consistent with the consequences you put in place for your child overstepping those boundaries. It's not my place to tell you what those boundaries might be, or what the consequences should be. What is important is that you communicate very clearly to your child what your expectations are - build a good, solid, open communication and make sure you don't change the rules when it suits you.....and make sure the consequences are fair and consistent.

Reward good behaviour with praise, not presents or money. You may want to think about a system of earning points or stamps/stickers for your child. Aiming towards a set total, or goal, reinforces good behaviour and can earn your child a special treat or activity once the target is reached.

Hope this helps!  

Parenting K-6 Kids

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