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Hello Angie!
     As an expert I would like to know from you how important is adding an element of fun into learning. We all know kids get bored of textbooks after a while. So how important is learning through fun these days? I feel parents are not doing it enough, so studies and homework are becoming an everyday chore rather than a joy. Please comment.

Hi Sowmya,

You are absolutely right - I think it is so sad that our children wake up each school morning not as excited as they should be about learning something new that day. Unfortunately kids don't really see school (or learning) as fun!

Much of the problem is that the curriculum is overloaded and teachers have to skip through material so quickly - taking the fun out of learning. Another factor is our emphasis on learning as a means to score high marks in a test, changing the philosophy of learning from what it should be as stimulating and interesting to being a competition and source of stress.

Parents can help at home by not adding to the pressure, and by trying to encourage a balance between work and play. There's not too much fun attached to homework, so parents have to manage the best way they can! As long as they can relieve the pressure and not add to it, that is always a big help. It's nice for kids to know that mum and dad are part of their team, and not the opposition!

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