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Hi I'm a mom of a 6 year old and I know for fact a teacher is not suppose to put a lease or offer a leash on a child to go on a field trip iam very unhappy n frustrated with this school. Do you know who I can contact or what should I do about this problem??

In general, if a teacher uses poor judgement in handling a child and a parent objects, the first person to speak with is the teacher. In most cases, teachers will accommodate a parent's preference in managing that parent's child. When there's disagreement between the teacher and the parent, the principal at the school would be the next person to speak to. It's always a good idea to try to preserve a good working relationship with the school staff if your intention is to keep your child at that school. When differences cannot be resolved, a parent can request a change in classroom. Failing that, "firing" the school by transferring your child to another school would be a consideration.

Six year old students should be manageable with routine discipline. If there is concern that a six your old child cannot safely be managed without restraints, the situation would demand professional assessment to determine underlying causes. Having to physically restrain a six year old with a leash is not a "normal" situation.

Hope this is helpful.

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