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Tess wrote at 2014-06-06 16:05:44
Hello Aimee,

Your son is extremely gifted, and his mind is to mature for his age. This is the source of his frustration, and though all the behavioural suggestions from Dr Swaby are very helpful, what your son needs is for his intelligence to be recognised and to attend a school for gifted children where he can be challenged, and where he will have peers of his own intelligence level. I advise you to go to your doctor and ask to see an educational psychologist who will assess your son's IQ and give you advice about what to do for him. Once you have done this, you should also get in touch with MENSA, the High IQ Society, and see if your son can join. This way he can meet other very gifted children.

Good luck, and I am certain your life will be a lot easier when your son has the outlets his intelligence needs.

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