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What are some of the pros and cons of larger age gaps?
I have one child now whose 1yo, but my husband and I both want 4 kids. I've always wanted to have a larger gap. I think it will allow me to give each child enough of my time on bonding with me and on learning (chasing around 4 young kids means that I might not have the time or energy to go above and beyond). I also think that it might be better for their relationship with one another. I know my siblings and I were close in age and we fought like crazy, I think a bigger gap would foster more of a protective older sibling and admiring younger sibling, instead of constant fighting.
What are some downsides to a larger age gap? I know there is no perfect way to parent or family plan, but what do you think the pros and cons are?

Hi Grace,

So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Was on vacation and forget to put on the vacation hold.

A con for having a larger gap is that you and your husband have to do contend with the baby years for a much longer time. That means you will be living on little sleep for many years in a row. Also, when the kids have a larger gap, you will have teens and not-so-teens living together. I have that now (11 and 16) . Often, during those teen years, the older sibling wants little to do with the little one, because the "just don't understand" what life is like for a teen.

Pros for the large gap: you get a break between pregnancies and don't have to try to wrangle a bunch of little ones at the same time. The older ones can help you if needed with the little ones. During the earlier years, as well as the post-teen years, there can very well be a special bond between older and younger siblings with a few years between them. It gives the younger ones a model to look up to.

Siblings who are close do fight a lot, but so do the ones who are spaced out.

I know that doesn't give you a definitive answer as to which is "better" than the other. But, I am hoping that seeing the whole picture you will find which will work better for you, your husband, and your family.

Good luck and enjoy your family!

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