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Hello Dr. Swaby.
My name is Wend.

In past months I enrolled my ten year old son in a non competitive gymnastic class. I had to force him a little, because he likes TV too much. Fortunately all went okay and he liked the class and his mates.

But now, the instructors want the kids to join a demonstration for parents, and want the boys in uniform. The uniform is to be color coded shorts and boy's leotards.

My son initially liked the idea, but later refused and said he won't wear a leotard. He says his friends at school would make fun of him and even claim to "know a boy that was bullied for wear one", and, finally he asked me to let him quit the class.

The instructors said the rest of the kids are okay with the uniform and offered to keep my boy out of the team.

I know that he likes the class, and would like to be in the demonstration. And I want him to keep in the class for the exercise.

Do you think there is something we can do to help him with the uniform? Neither my husband nor I think that is too serious for a boy to use a leotard, while it is a boy one. Or we should let him out of the team, but in the class? Or any other advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wend,
Thank you so much for writing. I fully understand I have to sons, grown now,but oh,the memories:)
I also understand your sons feeling. Again thank you for writing....I think I can help. "Are your ready?

Google " Boys Gymnastic Leotards" allow your son to do it if he can.Also let him Google "Wrestling Leotards"
This should help him to see "Real men wear Leotards" :):) "I hope this is helpful" I would love to hear how this works out.

Please encourage him to stay on the team. based upon your information he enjoys the class. It will also teach him that we may not always like what we are required to wear. ( Military,Police Officers etc.)But we have to wear it any way.  Please let me know if this is helpful.

Don't forget to be his biggest cheerleader:)

Dr. Swaby  

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