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Parenting K-6 Kids/girls playing doctor and baby


sheila wrote at 2013-01-07 01:51:30
My daughter is ten and made her first holy communion last may when she was 9.our parish requires the full communion outfit for the girls and part of the requirements is a cloth diaper and rubber pants under the white i put them on her when i dressed her and she wore the outfit for the entire day.after school was out a couple weeks later,i went take her outfit to the dry cleaners to have it boxed and the diaper and rubberpants were missing from the outfit.i caught her a couple days later with one of her little friends,and my daughter had the diaper and rubberpants on and they too were playing baby.the other girl had a disposable diaper on and they were acting like babies.i asked them why they were doing this and they said they just wanted to play baby and diaper each other.i  took her home and told her if she wanted to be a baby then she had to wear her communion diaper and rubberpants for the next two weeks.after three days of wearing them,some of the neighborhood boys and girls saw them on her under her shorts and teased her and thats all it took.

Parenting K-6 Kids

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