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Gary wrote at 2013-06-01 14:30:58
REX, She needs to involve the police,this kid is going to hurt more girls   Rape is against the law. That girl is never gonna forget what happened. I know because my wife was abused at 13 and there are times i cant touch my wife...she feels dirty. i cant kiss her neck because this dirt bag used to do it to her. My wifes parent knew about him doing it and they did NOTHING and she is VERY angry at them and i am the one that has to fix it all. Rape is against the law They can sign a complaint against him They can get a restraining order. HE WILL HURT MORE GIRLS if he is not made accountable for his action. Next time he might kill her or some other girl. PLEASE POST THIS or just tell them that you think they should contact the police. My wife was abused over 30  years ago and it is still with her. She was a cutter and 99% of cutters are sexually abused. REx   PLEASE PLEASE   have them contact the police. PLEASE reply to me at   Thank you

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Rick Olson


As a stepparent of 4 children and a family coach, I can answer questions about the issues that arise in step-parenting including discipline,blended families, boundaries and guidelines.


I have 18 years as a stepfather, and over three years as a family coach focusing on unifying, strengthening and empowering families.

My wife and I have written 2 books on Family FUSE Your Family - Family: Unify Strengthen Empower! and Raising Families

BA(Recreation Administration) Grad Studies in Urban and Regional Planning and Design Certified as a LifeSuccess Consultant/Coach

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