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Me and my husband have been fight for visitation since December of 2013.My husband has not seen the child since august 2014 because her lawyer agreed to let him have the child of a few hours. My husband and I got married in June. We had our first son together in July. I have a three year old from a previous marriage. The child we have been fighting for is my 1 year old step son. My husbands ex has tried her hardest to use everything she can come up with to keep the child away from us. I went to jail in 2012 for battery. She has tried to use that and say I'm a danger to the child but I have custody of my three year old son. She is very upset that me and my husband got married and had another child and what topped her rage was the fact we named the baby after my husband.Once all that happen she stopped allowingy husband to see the child. She stalks us non stop and makes fake profiles on facebook. She has also threated me and caused so much stress on me when i was pregnant she caused me to have my baby 2 months early. She meets random guys online and goes to there home with the child to have sexual encounters. She also have a guy come to her home all the time that has numerous dus and dui manslaughter charges. She also leaves him with babysitters all the time for no reason. She quit her job because my husband pays souch in child support she dose not have to work. We recently moved out of our home and in with my father in law who has a 4 bedroom because we are buying a home. Inside the home is my father in law, sister in law, my husband, my two sons, and me. The baby shares a room with me and my husband and my three year old son is going to share a room with my step son. Now she is trying to say that is the reason she is keeping him from us. Is it legal in the state of fl for my son and step son to share a room? They have their own beds. Would this hurt our case any? And what is our odds of getting 50/50 timesharing?

From your description, your husband's ex is a "GWC" (psychologically wounded):  //

It's possible that you and your husband are wounded too. If so, the biggest challenge all you adults have (including your kids' grandparents)is to protect your children from inheriting these wounds :

Each state has it's own laws about child custody, and I don't know FL's laws - you need to consult a family-law attorney to answer your question about custody rights.

In general, see these:  //  //

Overall, I urge you all to study this free online lesson on managing a stepfamily:

If you have other questions, Tessa, please ask! - Pete

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