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Have you ever had to deal with or k ow if someone who has dealt with a biological father trying to press charges on the step parent for child abuse. The step parent is very much innocent. This is happening to me and I just don't know how to cope with all of this. I know their step father isn't abusive he try so hard to give my children everything they need or want. Now as a couple we are being put through hell

Hello Samantha - I have heard versions of your situation before. It usually means the biological father was traumatized badly as a young child. and bears major psychological wounds. The wounds can cause many relationship and parenting problems, including reality distortion, anger, jealousy, and resentments. See these:  //  and

I recommend that you and your partner invest time studying this stepfamily article and the others that link from it:

The best thing I can suggest is that you mates find a family therapist with experience in working with stepfamilies. If these articles bring up further questions, please ask!

Compassionately, Pete  

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