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Parenting Stepchildren/Husband sides with his children


Sarawags wrote at 2013-05-31 20:13:55
Wow, this is like reading my own exact story - down to exactly the same words that your husband is using!  I'm sorry that I don't have great fix this advice considering that I am currently walking the same exact path as you - BUT - I did want to take the time to tell you that you are not going crazy and regardless of what he is saying - IT IS NOT YOU that is in the wrong here.

gigi wrote at 2014-11-25 04:57:59
Everything you writing is same at are not alone.

Parenting Stepchildren

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Melanie Dunstan


I can answer questions that pertain to parenting and stepparenting, as well as family relations associated to those ties.


I have a been a stepparent for 15 years and a biological parent for 12 years. I have been actively involved in all child rearing decisions and have been through two court cases for custody of stepchildren.

Voices for Children - Guardian Ad Litem program for children who are considered by the Domestic Relations Court to need an adult other than a family member speak on their behalf during court cases.

Palo Cedro Bee (pre-2000) - Wrote the column "Teaching Children", which involved information on behaviors, relationhips, and activities that involve children.

Currently, an A.A. in Liberal Studies and in Teacher Education in May 2005. Will receive my teacher degree in Spring 2007.

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