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UGA student wrote at 2013-12-16 21:10:10
You're completely ignorant. The guy Is 20, he is a grown man. I'm 19 and if my parents asked me of I smoke marijuana I would be honest about it and tell them I do. If they tried alienating me and drug testing me I would simply refuse and do things my own way. I already pay for my school, food, and receive little help financially. I'm independent and if my parents are going to try to make me feel alienated and continue to try to control me, when I am a responsible adult then I would simply pay my own way and no longer include them in my life. College isn't some magical place where a bunch of 20 year olds get an education and follow all the rules. Rules and laws are going to be broken and at most colleges their emphasis is on controlling behavior to make it responsible users. The amount of stress from attending a major university is enormous as well, it's good he is letting off some steam instead of internalizing his stress and becoming depressed. You might want to consider a less controlling approach.  

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