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I have a teen boy, age almost 16yrs.   He is a really good child: usually agreeable and usually willing to help.  He still likes to talk to me about stuff going on.  He has been diagnosed w/ ADHD (since about 6th grade)

He is not a super motivated student. On average, his HW grades are about B-C,  Tests, however, are D-F on average.  He has been looked at for learning disabilities w/ the finding that he does not have them.  His comprehension was tested at the low end of average last yr.  After a meeting w/ the school psychologist, counselor and most of his teachers, they all pretty much saw that my son is in a hurry to get done and not really getting the details.   

This continues this sophomore year.  How can he be helped with his test taking skills?  I am running out of ideas.  


I think you may need to do a Google search for an educational specialist in your area. There are going to be skills that your son could incorporate into his test-taking that an expert in the field could give you. I am not an expert in the education field and as such don't really have ideas about test-taking skills sorry...

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