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Magdalena wrote at 2013-03-21 18:03:48
Is this a total wind-up? I cannot believe the questioner is legitimate and, if so, functioning at a 'normal' intelligence level.  It certainly does not warrant an answer, particularly not such a defensive response.  I was of the impression that responses on this site were being given by qualified 'experts', but this one has rightly caused me to check that!

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My own dysfunctional youth in an alcoholic family helped me decide to raise my children with love, acceptance, and honesty. It must have worked. We`ve got terrific kids. Those I've answered on this site usually feel I've been helpful in their unique situations. Our world is so much better when we lift instead of crushing. Every child is worth more than any bank can hold. If I can help at all, it will be in teaching both parent and child of their own personal value to humanity, and how to punch through the noise of the moment to find their greater purpose. Together, we can all make a better world.


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