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Hi, I'm a single dad to my two teenage kids, Dan my 15 year old son and Laura my 13 year old daughter.  I have been single for about 6 years now since divorce and often turn to the web for advice regarding my kids.  Dan and Laura have always been very close as brother and sister, I guess the divorce had that effect on them, often they stay in together if I go down the pub.  About 6 months ago I had a wierd feeling that Dan was masturbating with Laura's underwear, you notice things at home when it's just me doing the house stuff.  Laura usually puts her clothes for washing in the corner of her room, sometimes when I bundled it up there wouldn't be any knickers, a few times I found her knickers in Dans room, I asked him about it and he just said I was gross, I plucked up the courage to ask Laura about where her knickers were for washing and she just calmly said they were in the pile.  The ones I found in Dans room had semen in the crotch, Laura usually sleeps in a t shirt and white satin panties, when I picked them up in the morning to wash I noticed the crotch was usually damp and smelled of her.  Last weekend I came home early from shopping and was surprised to see Dans shoes as I thought he was out.  I walked to the bathroom and the door was ajar, I froze as Dan was in there with his trousers down and wanking a huge erection with what I think were Laura's white pants wrapped around his dick.  Any advice please??

Hi Mick, thx for your question.  A masturbating 15 year old boy is a normal occurrence. One masturbating with his sister's underwear, is cause for some concern but I wouldn't immediately jump to conclusions. There are a number of factors that I wonder about based on your description but this is not something that can be answered via an email question. I strongly encourage you to talk to a professional counsellor, where you live, who can give you some direction and can do that on an ongoing basis. All the best.


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