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QUESTION: How would a child react‎ if she sees a video of her mother’s birth that was filmed with a video camera in 1990, and a video of her own birth in 2008?

How would she react‎ if she sees a video of her mother getting her ears pierced in the 1990’s when she was still a child? She also sees a video of her grandmother that is born in 1972 getting her ears pierced in the early 1980’s. How would she react when she sees a video of her grand mother getting several permanent tattoos on her body in 1990, and her mother getting several permanent tattoos in 2008 before she was born?

ANSWER: that depends on what the child wants and what the parent expects.

In more formal terms the actions of the parents or even grandparents do not give open license to act irresponsibly, just because the parent or grandparent acted stupidly.


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QUESTION: Would a child complain if her mother/grand mother have many permanent tattoos on there body, if she has a very good relationship with them and they are very good parents?

No.  I gather you have some better than average intelligence and with that understanding you know what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, what is best for you and your life and what is not.  Despite what your mother or grandmother may have done, your life is your own and you need to decide what will be best for you over the long term.  

Make those decisions carefully and try to learn from what your mother and grandmother endured and are trying to tell you.


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