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im on medicaid and wic right now how can we avoid my boyfriend being put on child support? Please tell me all the ways we can aviod it it will hurt us more than help

Dear Catherine,

Is your boyfriend the father of your child? If so, the two of you are his/her biological parents. This means you are responsible for loving, sheltering, rearing, teaching right from wrong, caring for, feeding, diapering, exercising and educating this child for eighteen years. You signed up for this job when you had sexual intercourse. You made the choice not to prevent a birth, so a child is now in the world because of your choice. It is YOUR child.  

You have the option of putting your child up for adoption. There are many childless couples willing to do all of the above and more if you are not, so please consider it. Your child deserves the best two parents can offer.  

It is not the responsibility of your hard-working neighbors to have their hard-earned dollars taxed to pay for your child's medicaid, wic, and other "benefits". Your neighbors didn't make your mistake. Why should they have to pay for it? Why should your boyfriend get out of the responsibility of paying for the child he created?  

One way, the best way if you do not want your child to go to another home, would be for your boyfriend to become your husband. This way, you would become eligible for tax deductions, and you would form something called a family group. You and your husband would still be responsible for all of the above, but he would not have to pay "child support." He would then become a productive member of society, supporting his family.  

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