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Would an 18-year-old girl complain? She has seen a video of her father piercing her ears seven times when she was a child on the Internet. She also sees that there are more than 10,000 pictures of her on the Internet, of when she was a child. This is because her father posted this on the Internet, before she turned 18. She knows that there are still seven holes in her ears, because they are still clearly visible if she wears no earrings. She also knows that what her father did to her is legal under US law, because her father had the US Attorney explain this to her.

As I said with the last question, you have a choice to forgive and move on or fight back at the injustices done to you when you were younger.  My advice is to move on.  you cant get the past back and you cannot repair the damage done but you can begine to repair yourself.\

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