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QUESTION: What does this tell you about an unwed mother? She is 21 years old and has three children and is pregnant with her forth child. She makes her children see there biological father every weekend. This is because she thinks it is very important that they have a very good relationship with their biological father. She does not care about child support and does not want his money. All her three children and her unborn child have the same father.

ANSWER: these general questions are hard to answer without the specfic of how your involved....please be more specific and how your invovled...

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QUESTION: Why would a mother want her three children to have a very good relationship with their biological father and not care about child support? She also tells the biological father that she does not want his money and has a very negative opinion of American women.

I sense some very strong emmotions from you regarding both your parents and the unsettled seperation it has caused.  My advise is to start your own life, love your parents as much as you can and start to build good relationships for yourself so you will not pass those negative traits and actions to your children.

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