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I have a 12 year old boy and he has been accused of asking his 5 year old cousin to touch his genitals.  He has denied this action.  I find that he is an inmature 12 year old compared to his classmates.  Can you please let me know what road to take to address this issue true or not.

Hi Mom,

Your son is at about that age when boys begin to become aware that their equipment  has other purposes than just for urinating.  If you or your male partner, if you have one, have not had a conversation with him about the abc's of sex and what is appropriate and what is not, then this incident is both your signal to do it and your opportunity.

This is the time when kids usually start experimenting and I do not think what he did was so unusual with the exception of his choice of a 5 yo. If I were his parent, I would preface the sex talk with some casual questions to find out just what he already knows and what he has already done (like masturbating). You will have to figure out it this task would be easier on him with you or with a male adult. You might find that he has already done lots of online research and is quite knowledgeable on the subject.

In a separate conversation, maybe before the above one because it is the current situation, I would talk to him about responsible dating.  Some of the points I would make include, not taking advantage of other people, especially those younger than he is, so acts like what he is accused of (whether he did it or not) are totally inappropriate. You don't need a confession from him. Just accept his denial and use the incident as a teaching opportunity.

It is more important that you or your partner build a relationship with your son where he can discuss sexual questions he might have, openly and without embarrassment, than to discipline him for this incident. If he can't get this info and support from you, he is going to have to get it from his peers, which may or may not be accurate, but for sure, will be devoid of any moral guidance. Because his friends are going to report their fantasies as accomplished facts (meaning they have had sexual experiences even when they haven't) he is going to have pressure on him to catch up (he is going to tell them he is experienced, but he knows he is lying).

I hope this has helped. It is quite OK to ask follow up questions if something I touched on is not clear or you do not agree with my take.

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