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A 7 year old girl in my daughter's class at school has shown photos (on her I-phone) of her private parts to at least 3 other little 7 year old girls in our community.  Once incident occurred at a sleep away event in May - she showed two little girls the photos at the same time.  Another girl was shown on a different occasion(s).  Not only am I worried that this little girl might try to show my daughter the photos, I am worried that this could be a sign that the little girl is being molested or inappropriately photographed by someone.  She has also exhibited some other questionable behavior.  She tries to peek into the stall when the other girls go to the bathroom at school.  The girls have taken to using the buddy system, where one stands in front of the crack in the door to block the potty user from this girl's sight.  I am also told that the little girl makes statements that she doesn't like being a girl and wants to be a boy.  And that she refuses to wear a swim suit without shorts over it.  Could it be a sexually identity crisis this early or is it more likely signs of abuse?  Should I report this?  To whom? Is there a way for me to do so anonymously?


Yes of course this is something you report. You should immediately go to the teacher and inform them this is happening. There also seems to be a huge lack of supervision in the school. If the girls have created a buddy system this seems dangerous. I would suggest you talk to the teacher and ask them to get back with you about what they are going to do. Your daughter is at risk if no adults step in. This is also something you should be reporting to CPS. You can do it anonymously if you need to.

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