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Hi, Kjirstin!

My daughter loves to camp out in our backyard in a tent. She sleeps in her My Little Pony undies. It's adorable!

What's a good prank I could play on her while she is camping?  :)



Hello, Lisa-

You have asked the wrong person this question.

A parent should NEVER tease, "prank" or otherwise disturb, frighten or injure a child. No matter the name used, this type of behavior is designed to amuse YOU, and in no way encourages, uplifts or helps your daughter.

Parents who find this type of behavior entertaining need to seek professional help. You need it.

I sincerely hope your back yard is fenced and private, though that won't keep YOU out.

Consider she may be in the tent to avoid being in the house with you.

Is there an adult in her life with whom she could safely live until you decide to grow up?  

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