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Why would American men be upset that he can only see his daughter if he abides by UK not US law? His daughter cannot visit the United States before her 18 birthday. He had sex with British women in the United States, but she gave birth to his child in the United Kingdom.

He shouldn't be upset.  the laws that pertain to parenting and visitation are held within the country of birth.

Having sex alone does not provide access to visitation.  The American parent should make steps to visit his daughter (I'm assuming that is you) and attempt to create a relationship and should have done this from the beginning.

despite the issues of relationships within your question my advise is to do what you can to bolster the relationships between all concerned with the intent of creating a balance not only in the life of the child but for all concerned.  It is amazing what the efforts of one can make when the one is willing and motivated.  

Honor your parents.  follow the laws and when your18 take a trip, until then stop blaming and stop obsessing over what you have no control over...I hope this helps


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