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86171930 wrote at 2016-02-24 23:08:35
My 12-year old granddaughter spent many hours on her computer and cell phone.  One evening, she showed me a game on her computer where you guessed the upcoming number and suddenly a demonic looking face appeared.  She was a funny, always laughing and teasing, and loved her grandmother.  The day after the computer incident, she came home from school, attacked her 8-year old sister and when I got between them to stop the attack, she tussled with me.  She hates her younger sister now, spends all her time in her room, and the psychiatrist put her on meds.  She does not speak to her grandmother, and when I go to pick her up at the bus, she walks home alone, even in bad weather.  I believe that something happened to her,  that triggered this behavior by someone she fears exposing.  Completely different child after playing this video game, though.  Hopes she comes around at some point.  

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I am an interventionist and a certified addictions specialist. I can answer questions and offer advice regarding relationships with parents and teenagers, including but not limited to cases involving drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and divorce. I enjoy teaching parents how to prepare themselves for their child becoming a teenager and assuaging their fears of those "dreaded teenage years". I want parents to know they can not only survive those years, but they can actually enjoy them!


I am the mother of two grown children, 30 and 28. My husband and I have been married for 32 years. We have 31 years experience counseling parents and teenagers. We have learned some things along the way and often are asked to speak to groups on parent/teenager relationships. We also lead a seminar for teenagers on suicide awareness. However, what I feel makes me most qualified is our own children with whom we enjoy close and open relationships. Our kids are well-rounded, high functioning adults who are caring and are often sought out for advice from their friends and their friends' parents.

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