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I have a question that I hope you can answer.  It is as follows:

How old is too old for toddler sidings to bathe together, especially if they are brother and sister?

Is it ever appropriate for a parent, father/daughter or mother/son, to bathe together?

I ask these questions because a single parent would want to save time by bathing his or her kids together or by bathing with one of his/her children.

I thank you for your helpful reply.


As a parent of both boys and girls, and having to speed up the bath process myself on occasion, I pretty much left it up to my girls (being the oldest two) to say they wanted to bathe alone, which was about 6 and 5 respectively. My 5 year old son still bathes with his 3 year old brother on occasion. But I also let them take a "group bath" a couple weeks ago by their choice...the girls are now 9 and 8 and wanted to take a bath together, and invited their 5 and 3 year old brothers to join them. I didn't see the point of stopping them. I don't believe in a daughter seeing her father or son seeing his mother naked past the age of 4. A girl seeing mom undressed past that age is ok, as is a son seeing dad, as it's a chance to teach girls ask why I have hair down there. I have explained to them they will one day and the importance of keeping clean, periods (though will not explain tampons yet...only pads), and feel dads can teach sons. I feel base it on their ages, but also on their comfort level...if they show interest in bathing alone about age 5/6 and can be trusted in the bath alone, let them except for hair washing. Once they are around 6, teach them to wash their hair and supervise a few times, then let them go on their own. Hope this helps.


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