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Today my 14-month old daughter bit me. I was so shocked I gave her a swat on her butt and told her not to. She started crying. I always said I wouldn't spank and me and my husband agreed not to. I feel really bad about this. Do you think it'll damage her self-esteem? Also, how do you think I can stop her biting? She's been biting quite a bit.


As a parent who believes in spanking, I personally feel you handled the situation well. The only other thing I would have done was a very firmly said "NO BITE". The one way I broke my kids of biting was to lightly smack their mouth (more of a tap on the lips than a smack) with saying NO BITE and if they bit a second time, they got bit in the same spot just as hard. They each stopped after 3-4 biting incidents.

You haven't ruined her, and won't, even with spanking, as long as you explain her error and what she should have done and make sure there is a balance of love the rest of the time. I raise my kids in accordance with the Biblical view of "spare the rod and spoil the child". However i have firm rules...biting or saying cuss words, a light pop on the mouth. Reaching for something after being told no, a smack on the hand. More serious offenses or repeated wrongs, a smack on the butt never to exceed three smacks even for the most serious offense and always a conversation after we both calm down on what is expected.


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