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My 3 yr old just told me that a week ago her cousin which is 8 put her finger in her private hole . My daughter knows no one is allowed to touch her private areas but since her cousin told her not to tell me she said she was scared. She said she told her not to and she still did. Well before she told us she told us that her private was hurting i thought because she was  putting bubbles in there during bath so just thought it wad irritated. She said that when her cousin took her finger out something wad on it and that she wiped it off. Should intake my daughter to her Dr to see if everything ok down there? Or should i just let it go seeing as i already told my aunt to talk to her laugh as she may have been curious or something.m husband said he just wants her to forget and move on please give me some advise?

Hello Jessica,
Of course, you may choose to have your daughter be examined by the pediatrician. You may feel better if you knew there was no physical damage. You may want to simply ask the doctor if she has an irritation or infection. if you report that another child touched your daughter inappropriately, the doctor may feel obligated to file a protective services report. You may not want this matter to go that far at this point.
However, you should make sure your aunt talks to the girl, and when your daughter is playing with her cousin in the future you should supervise them rather closely.
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