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Hi I'm 24 married and I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old
My son is 3 and I'm barely starting to potty traing him
I had to quit my job to start potty training him and to take care of our infant
I've tried around 3 days potty training him
I' usually take off his pants and diaper and let him be like that for several hours
I leave his toilet near by
I know he's ready because he follows his dad and I to the restroom
He knows when he's about to poop
And he can take off his pants by himself
I give him little prizes for trying
And he got motivated that he almost made it to the potty but his pee was in the edge of the seat
I've read thousands of books since he was 2 on potty traing but they all say((((all the kids are different so not everything can work for a child))) I need some tips to speed the process because I want him to go to school already
Anything will help thanks

Hi Lala,
I can hear you are in a rush to get this done and have him start school already.  It also sounds like you have all your preparation done and have set him up for success and hopefully it is improving each day.

If he is still responding to rewards I would say continue with that and reminding him to go every 40 minutes will stop accidents.  If going to school is a motivator for him then use that too but if you think he prefers being at home with you and your 3 month old I would not mention it as it may make him stop wanting to go to the toilet.

Motivation is the key and patience with him when accidents happen is important too (that should be for the school too:) I think if he can go by himself and he doesn't need or want a diaper any more that should be good enough for school attendance. I have attached a link from my blog that I wrote when my boys were toilet training.  
Let me know if there is anything else that crops up in this journey or if you would like more clarification on any points.

Kind regards, Eleanor  


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